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KYMCO Unveils Ionex Electric Motorcycle

On the eve of the Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2018, KYMCO unveiled on March 22 electric motorcycle Ionex, along with its charging/battery-swap system. Battery pack underneath foot board KYMCO notes that the new product represents a sol.. more

IONITY Unveils Its Rapid Charging Concept That May Soon Rival Tesla’s Supercharger Network in Europe

As consumers become more interested in getting an electric vehicle (EV), car makers worldwide are starting to build their own charging networks to secure their positions in this growing market. IONITY GmbH – a joint venture create.. more

Europe Sets Up Extensive Charging Network for Electric Vehicles

Aware of the inevitability of the electric-vehicle (EV) era, Europe has embarked on the setup of ultra-fast charging stations, in tandem with the fast developing EV industry. Five ultra-fast charging stations have been under construction o.. more

EV Safe Charge Launches First-Ever Complete Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

EV Safe Charge, a US-based Electric Vehicle charging installation and services company named an LA Auto Show & AutoMobility LA 2017 Top 10 Startup, has announced the launch of EV Charge Mobile™, the first-ever comprehensive solution for portable L.. more

Tata Technologies Becomes NIO’s Preferred Engineering Partner for Its EV Range

Tata Technologies, a global engineering services provider, has announced a close association with NIO China, a leading new-generation electric car company, in the complete product development process of NIO’s range of electric vehicles... more

HULA Holdings and Arcimoto Partner to Create EV Oasis: the “Gas Station” of the Future

Arcimoto, Inc., makers of the world’s first Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) — an affordable, practical, and thrilling pure electric vehicle for everyday commuters and fleets, has announced a partnership with HULA Holdings to launch EV Oasis, a one-of-a-kind .. more

Tesla's Enormous Demand Made Cylindrical Battery Undersupplied

Gigafactory, a joint venture of Tesla and Panasonic, was rumored to produce less than expected. Panasonic was forced to allocate its battery capacity in Japan to fulfill demand from Tesla. Thus, Panasonic's output shortage i.. more