Romeo Power Technology Inaugurates the West Coast’s First Dedicated Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Manufacturing Facility

Romeo Power Technology, the energy storage technology company founded by top engineers and designers from SpaceX, Tesla, Amazon and Samsung, has announced the completion of its fully-automated 113,000 square-foot lithium-ion battery pack manuf.. more

"DRIVETHEARC" EV Fast Charging Corridor Announces Grand Opening In Northern California

DRIVETHEARC, a corridor of electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations spanning from Monterey to Lake Tahoe, today announced the completion of the chargers' deployment and its official grand opening on the one year anniversary of .. more

Yukuma is Ready to Prove World’s Fastest Charging Technology for EVs and Smartphones.

Yukuma has created revolutionary charging solutions for consumer electronics, energy storage systems and EVs. The solution includes new chemistry battery cells, battery management systems and power supplies. The company has reached unbelievable r.. more

Blue Bird Unveils All-New, Electric-Powered Type C School Bus at NAPT Conference

Blue Bird Corporation unveiled its all-new Blue Bird Vision Electric Type C school bus at the NAPT conference in Columbus, OH. The electric powertrain is supplied by ADOMANI (ADOM), with drivetrain and vehicle control software developed and produced by.. more

Enevate Announces 5-Minute Extreme Fast Charge Battery Technology for Electric Vehicles

Enevate Corporation, a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology company, announces HD-Energy® Technology for Electric Vehicles (EVs) which features extreme fast charging in only 5 minutes with high energy density and long driving range t.. more

Renesas Electronics to Set Up “New Energy Vehicle Solution Center” to Accelerate Efforts in the Chinese New Energy Vehicle Market

Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, has announced it will establish a “New Energy Vehicle Solution Center” on November 1, 2017, directly under the China Business Unit to accelerate engagement with the C.. more

Phillips Edison & Company Partners with Volta Charging; Launches PECO Grow Campaign

Phillips Edison & Company is pleased to announce a partnership with Volta Charging to install no-fee charging stations for electric vehicles at the Rocky Ridge Town Center in Roseville, California. The Volta charging stations support .. more