Minerals Are Abundant But Not Easy to Extract, Imposing Constraints on EV Manufacturing

published: 2023-02-14 9:45
A large number of minerals are required for energy transition. While the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) indicates that mineral resources might be inexhaustible, minerals are not easy to obtain. Instead, mineral extraction involves complex issues from geopolitical concentration, material quality, average lead time in the mining industry to environmental factors, all of which will decide whether humans can get the ores they want. ...  more

2022 EV Sales Figures in Taiwan: BMW Outperforms Kia by Units Sold

published: 2023-01-05 17:44
In 2022, the EV market continued to thrive. According to the annual figures of vehicle sales among EV makers, Tesla was the unquestionable leader and topped the list by a wide margin. What surprised the market was that the pricey BMW iX delivered a stronger sales performance than the much more economical Kia EV6. ...  more

Why the Success of Hybrid Vehicle Business is an Obstacle of Japanese Electric Cars?

published: 2023-01-04 9:54
Japan is no doubt a major automobile producer. However, the thriving electric vehicle market is now dominated by Chinese and other western automakers, which together capture 90% of total EV sales. Japanese players—which used to have full control over the EV market—now only secure a market share of lower than 5%. A major reason is probably the overwhelming success of their hybrid car business. ...  more