Lithium Battery

Lopal and CATL to Jointly Develop Project for Manufacturing Lithium Carbonate

published: 2022-09-26 9:30
Major Chinese battery manufacturer CATL is rapidly expanding its presence in the upstream part of the Li-ion battery supply chain. On September 7, Chinese battery material producer Lopal Technology announced that it will be developing a project for manufacturing lithium carbonate with two wholly-owned subsidiaries of CATL. ...  more

Beiyuan Group to Invest RMB 1.9 Billion in Electrolyte Solvent Manufacturing Project

published: 2022-09-12 9:30
Due to the recent boom in the market for Li-ion batteries, the demand for carbonate ester, which is a key material in electrolyte solvents, has experienced significant growth as well. Seeing opportunities, many Chinese chemical companies such as Beiyuan Group have entered the market for the upstream materials used in electrolytes. ...  more

Fuan Heavy Industry to Acquire Tianquan Fuan in Its Entirety for RMB 3.6 Billion as It Expands into Anode Materials Market

published: 2022-08-30 9:30
The demand for anode materials used in Li-ion batteries has grown exponentially because of the widening adoption of NEVs. Consequently, companies that are involved in the manufacturing of anode materials have also experienced rapid growth as well. Seeing opportunities, many Chinese companies have crossed into the field of battery anode materials. They include Sunstone, Jereh Group, Shandong Jingyang, Guibao, Sunway, and LB Group. The market is now receiving one more new entrant. ...  more