Solar Cell Price to Remain Flat or Slightly Decline in 2010 due to Market noise and Euro Weakness

According to EnergyTrend’s survey, although market noise appears in the solar energy market, the cell price continues to hike in June, 2010, stabilizing the upward trend in 1H10, but the increase narrows. The statistics analysis of EnergyTrend shows tha.. more

EnergyTrend 2010Q1 Industry Report - Solar Energy

EnergyTrend 2010Q1 Industry Report - Solar Energy Energy security and energy supply concerns have become a national concern around the world. With reasons, such as the deterioration of the overall environment, the gradual depletion of conventional fossil energy re.. more

EnergyTrend 2010Q1 Industry Report - xEVs and Batteries

Abstract With the change of our environment, trends of green energy have become an indispensable consideration in the development process for many industries. The transportation industry, which accounts for 60% of carbon dioxide emissions, is actively seeking solutions.. more

Auto-use battery is the key for automobile to switch to electrical power source

Driven by tighter regulations of carbon dioxide emissions and environmental protection regulations, Electrical vehicle is becoming a worldwide focus. According to industry research institute Energytrend, the power source of automobile is gradually switching from tradit.. more

Patented Cathode Materials for Lithium Iron Batteries Help Taiwan Makers Tap into the International Market

The automotive battery, which has put international makers into a production race, is the key to electric vehicle industry. EnergyTrend observes that Taiwan’s battery industry doesn’t goes well because it has neither as much capital as Japanese or Korean .. more

The Battery Recycling to Become a Business of 10 Billion Dollars in 2015

It is convenient to use batteries in electrical appliances but environmentalists are more concerned about its environmental impacts. EnergyTrend discovers that battery related applications will launch the business opportunity of battery recycling, which is estimated to .. more

The Investment Strategy in Battery Industry

The development of battery industry first derived from the internal needs of an enterprise. The researcher EnergyTrend cites Japan as an example. In Japan, the battery business plays an important role in a company’s diversification strategy. Furthermore, supplier.. more