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Yunneng Plans to Invest RMB 8 Billion in Phase 2 of Its Yunnan Base so as to Manufacture New Products

published: 2023-05-08 9:30 | category: News
On April 24, Hunan Yuneng New Energy announced that it plans to invest around RMB 8 billion in the development of the phase 2 of its Yunnan manufacturing base. This capacity expansion will be implemented through its wholly-owned subsidiary Yunnan Yuneng New Energy Battery Material. Furthermore, the funding will primarily come from Yuneng itself. ...  more

Vena Energy Officially Activates Largest PV Island in Taiwan at 272MW

published: 2023-05-08 9:30 | category: News
Vena Energy has finished the construction of its new Xinxing Power Plant regarded as the “largest PV island in Taiwan”, which has an installed capacity of 272MW, and generates 400 million kWh of power each year, making it the single largest power site in Taiwan. The Xinxing Power Plant will generate 1kWh of every 25kWh green electricity in Taiwan after official activation, and will become a robust support for Taiwan’s energy transformation. ...  more

Microwaves: A Potential Solution for Energy-Intensive Solar Panel Manufacturing and Recycling?

published: 2023-05-03 9:30 | category: News
Solar panels play a crucial role in energy generation by converting sunlight into electricity without creating carbon dioxide. However, the high-temperature and high-pressure environment required to manufacture them can lead to increased costs, and recycling options are limited. Australian scientists have found a solution using microwaves that addresses both issues. ...  more

Congress Wrestles with White House; US House of Representatives Approved Termination on Solar Duty Exemption for Four Southeast Asian Countries

published: 2023-05-02 9:30 | category: News
US President Joe Biden had once paused the imposition of solar duty for Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam in 2022. The US House of Representatives had approved the termination on duty exemption for solar panels from the four Southeast Asian countries in a 221-202 vote, for which the White House has responded that the president will reject the resolution. ...  more

Chery Becomes First Vehicle Brand to Adopt CATL’s Na-Ion Battery

published: 2023-05-01 9:30 | category: News
CATL announced on April 16 that Chinese vehicle brand Chery will be the first to adopt its Na-ion battery. Around the same time, Chery also announced that it will be collaborating with CATL to promote a branded Na-ion battery series known as ENER-Q. Additionally, both parties will jointly develop various types of batteries including Na-ion batteries, LFP batteries, and M3P batteries. Their solutions are expected to be incorporated into Chery’s mass-produced vehicle models such as the iCAR 03. ...  more