Immersion Cooling Battery Adopted by TPC’s Changbin Energy Storage Site for the First Time

published: 2023-04-19 9:30
Immersion cooling battery supplier XING Mobility announced today (19th) that it will be providing a total of 2.4MWh of immersion cooling batteries for Taiwanese energy storage system provider Remotek Corporation, which will be used on the latter’s energy storage cabinets as the first immersion cooling energy storage system for green electricity and energy storage in Taiwan that will then be adopted by the third phase of TPC’s Changbin energy storage site. ...  more

2023 Global Energy Storage Demand Report

published: 2023-02-17 16:04
Chapter One Global Energy Storage Market Overview and Analysis Global Energy Storage Demand – Overview and Analysis Global  Energy Storage Market Dynamics – Overview Chapter Two Asia-Pacific Major Regional Markets: China, India...  more

FSP and Partners to Build Smart Micro-Grid Value Chain with Focus on Home Energy Storage Systems

published: 2022-10-04 9:30
FSP, which started out as a power supply manufacturer, has long invested in the development of new energy technologies. To support the global “Net Zero by 2050” plan and Taiwan's “Net Zero by 2050” transition program, FSP commenced work on developing smart microgrid systems and solutions. Integration with energy infrastructure such as renewable energy technologies and Distributed Energy Storage Systems (Distributed ESS) is also under way to realize the ultimate benefits of circular sustainability and energy independence. ...  more

CATL Joins Forces with Solargiga to Expand into Global Market for Integrated PV-Storage Systems

published: 2022-09-19 9:30
Thanks to favorable government policies, the energy storage industry is experiencing rapid growth. Recently in China, CATL has formed an alliance with Solargiga in order to develop and market products for a wider range of energy storage applications. CATL and Solargiga are recognized as major players in their respective fields of Li-ion batteries and PV products. ...  more