CATL Joins Forces with Solargiga to Expand into Global Market for Integrated PV-Storage Systems

published: 2022-09-19 9:30
Thanks to favorable government policies, the energy storage industry is experiencing rapid growth. Recently in China, CATL has formed an alliance with Solargiga in order to develop and market products for a wider range of energy storage applications. CATL and Solargiga are recognized as major players in their respective fields of Li-ion batteries and PV products. ...  more

Taiwan Cement Activates First Forestry Charger in Taipei Equipped with CCS1 Adapter

published: 2022-09-12 9:30
Taiwan Cement’s charging brand NHOA.TCC will activate the first “forestry” charger at the renowned Zhishan Park in Taipei City tomorrow. Users are able to experience the CCS1 adapter that is most anticipated among TPC car owners, and board the observatory during charging to overlook Yangmingshan National Park’s greenery. ...  more

Linyang Energy and EVE Form Another Energy Storage Joint Venture

published: 2022-08-02 9:30
In view of the surging demand for energy storage technologies, China’s leading electricity meter manufacturer Linyang Energy has again partnered with major domestic battery manufacturer EVE to invest in a joint venture that will attempt the seize the growth initiative in this booming market. ...  more

Fluence Joins Hands with Rich Electric to Establish First 100MW Battery Energy Storage System in Taiwan

published: 2022-07-11 9:30
Energy storage supplier Fluence announced it would be joining hands with Taiwanese power conversion and energy storage company Rich Electric in engaging in TPC’s AFC auxiliary service by co-developing the first 100MW battery energy storage system in Taiwan, which is scheduled for completion in Hualien during 2023, and serves as one of the current largest energy storage AFC projects of Fluence in Taiwan. ...  more

CSC Installed First Energy Storage System to Participate in TPC’s Electricity Transaction Platform Tender

published: 2022-07-04 9:30
Taiwan’s CSC announced today that the company has installed the first 1.8MWh energy storage system, and will be able to participate in TPC’s Electricity Transaction Platform tender after adhering to TPC’s cable construction and passing the capability test, which is expected to create NT$12.1 million of revenue each year, and officially unfolds the third piece of energy storage puzzle for CSC’s comprehensive deployment in energy conservation, creation, and storage. ...  more

The World's First Low-carbon Environmentally Friendly Aluminum Battery Innovation! APh ePower Assists Taiwanese Factories Obtain International Carbon Rights

published: 2022-06-09 15:53
The world's first company to develop low-carbon and environmentally friendly aluminum batteries, startup APh ePower, has pushed ahead of the global carbon economy trend and announced today that it has completed the first carbon trade in the two international standards of VCS and GS in April and will continue to actively develop foreign carbon storage and offset services to assist companies in purchasing carbon rights, enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan's green supply chain, and achieve carbon neutrality goals. ...  more