Israeli Energy Storage Company Develops Energy Storage by Compressing Air with Water

published: 2022-01-12 9:30
Countries around the world are actively promoting green energy and Israel is no exception. The barren southern Negev Desert is a good place to develop solar energy. However, there is no sun at night, so a return to fossil fuel burning is necessary to generate electricity. If you want to use solar energy at night, you have to have a way to store energy. ...  more

Pingtung Gaoshu Photovoltaic Demonstration Area Converts Non-arable Lands into 40 MW Solar Farm, Becomes Activated Following Grid Connection

published: 2021-12-30 10:10
Taiwan’s renewable energy supply is set to receive a shot in the arm as Formosa Solar’s Yu Shu Power subsidiary has wrapped up grid connection of its Pingtung Gaoshu photovoltaic demonstration area. Thanks to this project, previously non-arable lands that were frequent victims of illegal excavation and dumping underwent a total transformation and subsequently became a solar farm with a total installed capacity of 40 MW. ...  more

MIT Developed New “Semi-Solid” Flow Battery

published: 2021-12-03 9:30
Flow battery is regarded as a promising option for prolonged grid-level energy storage, though an attainment of high efficiency in the past was often accompanied with an exorbitant level of cost due to the necessary utilization of the expensive vanadium as raw material. ...  more

Former SpaceX Employee Develops “Portable Nuclear Reactor” that Supplies 8 Years of Power for 1,000 Households

published: 2021-11-04 9:30
Is it possible for each household to acquire a small nuclear power plant that would eliminate shortages of electricity? Startup Radiant established by former employees of SpaceX is attempting to develop a “portable nuclear reactor”, with a prototype made at the same time, which acquired an Angel Fund of US$1.2 million that will be used on technical development and equipment testing. ...  more

Tesla Announces a US$1 Million Price Tag for Megapack

published: 2021-08-02 9:30
Tesla released the 3MWh grid-grade energy storage device Megapack in 2019, which ascended the company’s battery energy storage business to a new level, and now Tesla has revealed the price tag for this enormous battery for the first time. The battery is priced at US$1,235,890 (approx. NT$34.63 million), and does not include tax and annual maintenance cost. ...  more