Con Edison and Centrica to Jointly Develop an Energy Storage Facility in a Former Parking Lot in Brooklyn

published: 2021-07-20 9:30
Renewable energy news outlets have reported that Con Edison, a utility company serving New York City, has teamed up with Centrica Business Solution to convert a large parking lot in Brooklyn into a hybrid facility that provides energy storage and EV charging. Centrica has a wide-encompassing business portfolio that includes solar PV, energy-as-a-service, energy efficiency solutions, etc. ...  more

Siemens Mobility to Research New Hydrogen Storage Technology that Does Not Require High Pressure and Low Temperature Storage

published: 2021-06-18 9:30
Hydrogen is regarded as a carrier for clean energy, and a carbon reduction technology vigorously developed by the international sector right now. Siemens Mobility has recently started on the R&D of a cheaper and more affordable liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) that refines on the utilization of fossil fuel facilities, and infuses additional competitiveness for future hydrogen energy transportation systems using the existing pipelines as the foundation.  ...  more

First Cement Battery in the World Transforms Entire Building Into an Energy Storage System

published: 2021-06-07 9:30
The functions of concrete, used for construction and architecture, are becoming diversified under technological evolution. The Chalmers University of Technology managed to produce storage batteries using cement based on the idea of “battery structure”, which not only provides a shelter from the wind and rain for the building, but also transforms it into an energy storage system.  ...  more

Debut of the Solar Energy and Flow Battery Combination Amidst Increasing Energy Storage System Solutions

published: 2021-02-01 18:30
Numerous power plants have chosen to work with energy storage systems in order to store the excess power of renewable energy and achieve stable power grids, including the common and the rapid responding lithium ion battery energy storage system, though there are additional choices, such as pairing up solar and tidal power plants with vanadium flow batteries (VFB). ...  more

ERS Partners with CFM to Build Senegal’s First Solar-Plus-Storage Plant

published: 2020-12-10 18:30
Energy Resources Senegal (ERS) and Climate Fund Managers (CFM) have entered into an agreement to jointly build a solar-plus-storage plant in Niakhar, a town located about 150km east of the Senegalese capital Dakar. ERS is an energy developer that has the state-owned utility of Senegal as one of its major shareholder. CFM is a global investment group that funds projects related to renewable energy and sanitation. ...  more

FRV Will Deploy Tesla Megapack Batteries for Its Second Utility-Scale Battery Project in the UK

published: 2020-12-03 18:30
According to reports from various media outlets, Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV) announced recently that it has adopted Tesla’s Megapack for its second utility-scale battery project in the UK. Designated as “Contego”, the project is located near Burgess Hill in the county of West Sussex. It is designed to have a storage capacity of 68MWh and an output of 34MW. The funding and construction contracts for the project have been finalized. ...  more

Neoen Secures a Contract to Build a New 300MW Battery Storage Plant in Australia

published: 2020-12-02 18:30
As Australia is racing ahead to expand the deployment of renewable generation systems, battery energy storage and power infrastructure upgrade have become essential in maintaining the reliability and quality of the electricity supply in the country. Recently, French energy developer Neoen won a contract to build the largest battery storage plant in Australia to date. Located in the state of Victoria, the project will be another array of Tesla batteries. ...  more