Monocrystal Introduces New PERC Solution for 0.1% Efficiency Gain

Monocrystal, a global supplier of PV metallization pastes and synthetic sapphire, announced the launch of its new EFX-9X series aluminum metallization paste for Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) solar cells, specially designed for .. more

Multi-Si to Challenge Mono-Si’s Market Share as Black Silicon Technology Matures

Ever since PERC technology is getting popular, mono-Si products continue to threaten the market share of multi-Si products. Therefore, multi-Si manufacturers start to pay close attention to black silicon technology, hoping to impro.. more

Dominion Solar Invests Nearly US$1 Billion in Virginian Solar Market

Dominion is investing more than $800 million in solar power in Virginia, with much of it being built at little or no cost to most customers. Additional solar projects are now in the planning stages. "Our company has made a major commitment t.. more

Mercedes-Benz Ventures into Electric Vehicle Business with New Brand "EQ"

After Chevrolet, Tesla, and BMW launched Chevy Bolt, Model 3, and I MODELS, respectively, Mercedes-Benz established its new electric vehicle (EV) brand "EQ", standing for "Electric Intelligence". With Merc.. more

Australian Company Selects First Solar as Supplier of 63MW Solar Panels

First Solar welcomes the news that Genex Power has achieved financial close for the Kidston Phase One Solar Project in Queensland, Australia. First Solar will supply 63 MWdc of advanced thin-film photovoltaic (PV) modules to the proj.. more

50MW Solar Project Developed by SunPower to Serve NV Energy

NV Energy announced that the 50MW Boulder Solar II power plant – which was developed, designed and constructed by SunPower – achieved its commercial operation status and is now serving NV Energy customers in Nevada. Boulde.. more

China to Launch Green Electricity Certificate for a Healthier Market

China, as a major market for renewable electricity, has already announced to launch renewable energy certificate (REC) program officially since 2018. This system would be helpful for China to establish a firmer, healthier renewable energy market.. more