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Tesla will keep exploring to find a development mode suitable for China.

published: 2024-04-17 17:23

On December 22, 2023, Tesla completed the land acquisition of its Energy Storage Super Factory project and signed in Shanghai, which meaned that the Tesla Energy Storage Super Factory project was officially launched, and will be put into production within 2024. It is reported that the factory initially plans to produce 10,000 commercial energy storage batteries annually, with an energy storage scale of nearly 40 GWh. Each commercial energy storage battery can store more than 3 megawatt-hours of energy, which is applicable to renewable energy systems, peak demand management and other multi-scenario applications.

In terms of sales, although Tesla Megapack energy storage system is in short supply in the U.S., the order delivery date was updated from the third quarter to the fourth quarter of 2024. However, it is seldom seen in the Chinese market.

Household storage: the U.S. community dispersed, sparsely populated, the high cost of grid construction and subsequent upgrading of the lack of power, grid coordination capacity is weak. Especially under the influence of extreme weather, it is difficult to guarantee the stability of power supply to residents. Household energy storage can realize self-sufficiency when the public power grid failure or unstable power supply, to ensure stable electricity.

China's electricity prices are 0.56-0.62 yuan / kWh and cheaper than those in Europe and the United States. China's power grid power supply stability is relatively high, greatly reducing the demand for residential energy storage in China.

Commercial storage: In the United States, most of the energy storage are arranged in the power market perfect area, fully participating in the market competition with multi business model diversification. It effectively meet the power supply reliability improvement, peak frequency regulation, new energy consumption and other needs.

In contrast, China's power market is not yet perfect, thus profitability is relatively single with poor economy. In the case of participating in the peak and valley arbitrage, China's power market can not participate in auxiliary services and other markets, limiting the benefits of energy storage. For some of the smaller scale energy storage, participation in the market to bring revenue can not recover the construction and transformation costs, and the user investment in energy storage enthusiasm is also lower.

Based on the differences between the Chinese and U.S. markets, after the construction of Tesla's energy storage super factory is completed, it can be predicted that in the early stage, it will mainly be exported to overseas markets to meet the demand in Europe and the United States and other places. And in this process, Tesla will keep exploring to find a development mode suitable for China.

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