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New Paper-Thin Solar Cell Can Be Folded and Unfolded 500 Times

published: 2022-12-30 9:30 | editor | category: News
Differentiating from traditional solar panels, thin and flexible thin-film solar panels are capable in additional application possibilities, and can be applied on various irregular and curved surfaces. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has now developed a solar cell that is even thinner than a hair, which can be used from ePaper to lightweight wearables. ...  more

As Extreme Cold Troubles Charging, EV owners in the US Complain “Driving in Winter is a Big Challenge”

published: 2022-12-28 16:24 | editor | category: News
Countries around the world are trying to solve the problem of EV charging by accelerating the construction of charging stations, with EV makers striving to advance battery technologies. However, extreme cold can cause trouble to EV owners as freezing conditions affect the performance of Li-ion batteries—a crucial component powering their vehicles. The historic winter storm blasting the US recently has prompted Tesla owners to complain that the blizzard has caused a range dip and that they cannot charge their vehicles. ...  more