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German Government Alienates Wind Industry by Prioritizing Solar in Its Climate Change Act

published: 2019-10-29 0:30 | editor | category: News
To reduce carbon emissions and address the effects of global climate change, the German government announced a package of new policies known as the Climate Change Act at the end of this September. Along with this law, the German government has also introduced new renewable energy targets, a carbon pricing scheme, and many other related measures. ...  more

Thanks to Ultra-Large-Scale Offshore Wind Farms, Britain’s Green Energy Production Overtakes Fossil Fuel Energy for the First Time

published: 2019-10-28 11:10 | editor | category: News
Congratulations are in order; the UK’s green energy output has surpassed fossil fuel energy for the first time since the nation built its first coal-based power plant in London in 1882. Renewable energy now constitutes 40% of the UK’s Q3 energy output, as multiple offshore wind farms become integrated into the electrical grid. ...  more

Taiwan’s Largest Green Power Park to be Ready for Operation

published: 2019-10-24 0:30 | editor | category: News
The construction of Taiwan’s Changhua Coastal PV Power Park project will  officially be completed following the installation of its third-stage onshore wind turbines, which total 2.3 MW in capacity. The PV park boasts not only 100 MW in total PV capacity, which is the largest in Taiwan, but also a total capacity of 71.2 MW for wind power. It is currently expected to generate 340 million KWh of power a year, according to the state-run Taiwan Power Company. ...  more