Panasonic Fulfills 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project in Its 100th Anniversary, Bringing Light to Off-grid Communities Globally

Panasonic Corporation announced the successful completion of its 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project, which has brought light to off-grid communities in 30 countries through 131 non-profit and other organizations in the last five years. Since the project's inception.. more

Tesla's Enormous Demand Made Cylindrical Battery Undersupplied

Gigafactory, a joint venture of Tesla and Panasonic, was rumored to produce less than expected. Panasonic was forced to allocate its battery capacity in Japan to fulfill demand from Tesla. Thus, Panasonic's output shortage i.. more

US Solar Sector Lost Nearly 10,000 Jobs in 2017 and Recorded the First Employment Contraction for the Industry in Seven Years

The US solar industry posted job loss in 2017, according to the Solar Foundation. The National Solar Job Census 2017, which was recently released by the foundation, states that the US solar industry employed nearly 10,000 fewer people in 2017 than in 2016. The 20.. more

Trump Urges Congress to Slash Green Energy Budget

At odds with the global green current, U.S. President Donald Trump has asked the Congress to slash budget for renewable energy by 72%, which may deal a fatal blow to the burgeoning green-energy industry of the U.S. Should the U.S. Co.. more

Canadian Company Prospects Century-Old Silver Mine for Cobalt to Feed the Hungry Electrical Vehicle Market

The growth of electric vehicle (EV) market has contributed to the already enormous market appetite for raw materials used in the production of lithium-ion batteries. According to an article published by the Wall Street Journal on 29 January 20.. more

Heraeus Photovoltaics helps another customer in span of four months to set PERC world record

For the fifth time in four months, Heraeus Photovoltaics, the worldwide leading supplier of metallization solutions to the PV industry, helped a customer achieve a validated world record in PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact) solar.. more

In Response to Solar’s Heavy Tax, Taiwan Files Complaint through WTO

According to WTO’s documents, Taiwan and South Korea have launched a demand for consultation or even compensation for the recent US safeguard tariffs on solar products. Lately, according to foreign reports, except China, Taiwan is t.. more