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Singapore Hit with a Predicament in the Development of Floating Solar

published: 2021-03-22 9:30 | editor | category: News
Singapore merely occupies 728.3km² in land area, which is equivalent to the size of two and a half Taipei Cities or half of Los Angeles. As it is a relatively small country, the first issue that is likely to be talked about when it comes to developing renewable energy in the region is, are there enough locations for generating green electricity? As surprising as this may sound, the answer is actually yes. Not only does Singapore currently have the available resources for developing green energy, but it is also planning to use these resources to establish the largest floating solar power plant in Southeast Asia. ...  more

GCL-Poly Announces Breakthroughs in Development of FBR Process for Production of Granular Polysilicon

published: 2021-03-22 9:30 | editor | category: News
Chinese polysilicon supplier GCL-Poly announced in early March that it has made significant breakthroughs in the development of its FBR process. GCL-Poly has built a production line specifically for the manufacturing of granular polysilicon. It has a production capacity of 10,000MT, and the quality of its granular polysilicon has been verified by clients in the downstream section of the supply chain. GCL-Poly said there are notable improvements in the key indicators of the quality standard. ...  more

Field Study Indicates that Frozen Wind Turbine Blades Result in 80% Reduction in Power Generation Volume

published: 2021-03-18 9:30 | editor | category: News
Are wind turbines afraid of the cold? Will frozen wind turbine blades derive any ramifications? The wind storm that raged Texas last month and resulted in the most severe power outage from the impact inflicted on wind and thermal power plants had prompted the society to ponder on the possible consequences of cold weather on wind turbines and the reasons behind. ...  more

LONGi Plans to Acquire a 27.25% Stake in CENTER Technology as Part of Its Strategy to Develop BIPV

published: 2021-03-17 9:30 | editor | category: News
Major Chinese PV product manufacturer LONGi announced on March 4 that it is proposing to obtain a 27.25% stake in CENTER Technology. Specifically, LONGi will be purchasing roughly 130 million shares of CENTER for a price of around RMB 1.635 billion. This translates to about RMB 12.5 per share. If this stock-for-cash deal goes through, LONGi will be the second-largest shareholder of CENTER. However, the transfer of shares will not alter the controlling interest of the company. ...  more

SENS and KGAL Will Expand Their Joint PV Projects in Sicily to 690MW

published: 2021-03-15 9:30 | editor | category: News
STEAG Solar Energy Solutions (SENS) announced in mid-February that the Sicilian PV projects that it is jointly developing with KGAL Investment Management (KGAL) will expand by 250MW to 690MW. SENS is a subsidiary of the STEAG Group that designs, constructs, and operates various types of power plants. KGAL is an investment firm that is involved in real estate and energy infrastructure. Both entities are based in Germany. ...  more

South Korea Unfolds US$43 Billion Offshore Wind Power Project and Aims to Construct the Largest 8.2GW Wind Farm in the World

published: 2021-03-12 9:30 | editor | category: News
South Korea subtly accounts for 35% of global offshore wind farm projects, and has announced an investment of KRW 48.5 trillion (approx. US$43.2 billion) on establishing the largest offshore wind farm at 8.2GW (= 8,200 MW = 8.2 million kWh), which not only accelerates the installed capacity and development of renewable energy, but also rejuvenates the post-pandemic economy through development projects of large power plants. ...  more

EDP Group Establishes Two Business Units to Explore Opportunities in Green Hydrogen and Energy Storage

published: 2021-03-11 9:30 | editor | category: News
Portugal-based EDP Group announced on February 19 that it will establish two new business units. One of them will concentrate on the development of technologies related to green hydrogen, while the other will be targeting the market for energy storage. The EDP Group is a major European provider of energy solutions and has a presence in numerous regional markets. ...  more