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Offshore Wind Industry in the US Sees Increases in Installation Targets and Project Contracts

published: 2019-12-05 9:30 | editor | category: News
The offshore wind market in the US is currently experiencing rapid growth. In addition to state governments raising their targets for the installation of offshore wind turbines, wind project developers are also securing an increasing number of contracts for the construction of offshore wind farms. Recently, Phil Murphy, the Governor of New Jersey, signed an executive order that revises the state’s offshore wind energy target from 3.5GW by 2030 to 7.5GW by 2035. This directive indicates that the government of New Jersey has relaunched its offshore wind program to demonstrate a long-term commitment for developing this source of renewable energy. ...  more

Wind Resilience: Save Your Solar Farm From Itself

published: 2019-12-05 0:00 | editor | category: News
Bad weather, especially strong winds, is the archenemy of PV power plants. In 2017, Hurricanes Irma and Maria wrecked the solar power plants in Puerto Rico. In 2019, Typhoon Faxai has destroyed the biggest floating solar project i...  more

Taking Inspiration from Plants’ Phototropism, New Solar Power System Harvests Up to 400% More Energy

published: 2019-12-03 15:02 | editor | category: News
In an effort to capture more sunlight, solar power experts and technicians wrack their brains to find the perfect angle for solar panels, sometimes even needing sun-tracking mounting systems to do the job. But now, a group of American scientists took inspiration from heliotropic plants and created a solar power system that can automatically change its positioning, which allows it to capture up to 400% more sunlight compared to traditional solar technology. ...  more

Tesla Debuts New Pickup Truck in a Fanfare

published: 2019-11-28 9:30 | editor | category: News
Tesla’s new electric pickup truck, dubbed Cybertruck, was officially unveiled by the company on Nov. 21; the vehicle, which sports a fancy appearance reminiscent of the Batmobile and stealth jetfighter F-117, will come with a minimum price tag of only US$39,900. ...  more

Battery Industry Leaders Invest $18 Million in Seattle Start-up: Group14 Technologies to Scale Li-ion Anode Material That Promises 30% Improvement in Energy and Cost

published: 2019-11-26 11:30 | editor | category: News
Group14 Technologies ( has announced $18 million in new financing from Amperex Technologies Limited (ATL), Showa Denko (SDK), Cabot Corporation, BASF Venture Capital, and OVP Venture Partners. The new funds will be used to scale up manufacturing of a next generation anode material and advance into commercial production. ...  more

India’s Domestic Protectionist Policy Means Its Solar Industry May Not Qualify for Subsidies Using Imported Solar Cells

published: 2019-11-25 11:34 | editor | category: News
Still remember the import duty imposed on foreign-made solar cells by the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry back in 2018? To protect the domestic photovoltaic industry, the Ministry levied a 25% first-year tariff on imported cells. Recently, India is rolling out a brand new set of policies that will proactively reduce the country’s reliance on imported cells. The idea here is to bolster the Indian solar cell manufacturing industry. ...  more