India Has Planned to Install Solar Energy Systems at Each Airport Domestically, Expecting to Reach 200MW for Total Energy Generation

India has actively developed renewable energy in recent years, especially the development of solar energy. Previously, the long-term project for solar energy has been drafted. Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju planned to install.. more

Packsize International Becomes Largest Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Utah

Rocky Mountain Power has awarded Packsize International with a $111,280 incentive check to recognize the availability of 50 Level 2 electric vehicle chargers on premise, creating the largest electric vehicle charging installation in Utah. Held at the On Demand Pac.. more

Solar Provider Sunnova Sends Letter to PREPA Requesting Collaboration and Cooperation

Sunnova Energy Corporation, the largest provider of distributed, residential solar power in Puerto Rico, delivered a letter to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), along with copies to its governing board, and Governor Rosselló in advance of P.. more

China to Open Up a Stretch of Solar Highway by the End of This Year as the Country Hopes to Apply Photovoltaics to the Charging of Electric Cars

The market growth of electric vehicles (EV) is poised to take off as governments worldwide implement measures to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions. While EVs are expected to become a trend in the future of transportation, the pace of.. more

Competition from China and South Korea Forces Japanese Solar Companies to Become Leaner as to Stay Profitable

Japan’s financial newspaper the Nikkei reported on 26 December that Japan’s share of global solar market has shrunk significantly in the recent years due to competition from China and South Korea. According to the Nikkei, a 20.. more

China to Employ New PV Power Assessment System in Coping With Idle Capacities

China is developing a monitoring and assessment system for its PV power market, helping prospective investors invest in areas with lower idle PV power capacities. Peng Peng, director for policy research, the China Renewable Energy Asso.. more

India Will Build World's Largest Combo PV-Wind Power Plant

Since 2015, India, the world's third-largest carbon-emission nation, has formulated various green-energy plans for intensive development of renewable energy. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), for instance, decided recentl.. more