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New Wave of Inflation Fermenting within the Industry Chain as Constrained Polysilicon Provision Persists

Polysilicon Polysilicon prices continued to surge under a slightly expanded degree this week, where mono-Si dense materials were quoted at a mainstream price of RMB 263-275/kg, while mono-Si compound feedings were quotes at a mainstream price of RMB 265-278/kg, with an average concluded price of RMB 271-273/kg. ...  more



[Wind Energy] Europe’s Risen Wind Power to Help Mitigate Power Supply Crisis under Heat Wave

With the arrival of the heat wave in Europe, natural gas and nuclear power plants are unable to fully exert their generation under such high temperature, and has thus resulted in power inhibitions for the entire continent. Fortunately, Bloomberg’s model projects that Europe’s wind power generation would start to increase next week, which means that not only is the power supply crisis slightly mitigated, but also a reduction in temperature....  more


[EV] Connecting 15 Supply Chains to Build MIT EVs, Family Mart "FamiMobi" Arrives in Tainan Science Park

FamilyMart launched Taiwan's first smart retail electric vehicle (EV) "FamiMobi" which will be the first to drive into Tainan Science Park from August 1st on an initial trial operation basis. ...  more


[Solar] Ganfeng Commences Construction on 10GWh Solid-State Battery Base in Chongqing

Companies that are involved in the lithium battery supply chain have been expanding their presence in the solid-state battery segment in the recent years. Among them, major Chinese lithium supplier Ganfeng Lithium has just launched a major project to develop solid-state batteries and scale up production for the related products....  more


[Others] New Wood Batteries Cost Less and More Environmentally Friendly

Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt has announced a joint development agreement with Finnish forestry company Stora Enso to manufacture batteries using lignin-based hard carbon produced from renewable wood in Nordic forests. This is also the world's first anode industrial battery made entirely of European raw materials, aiming to reduce carbon footprint and production costs....  more


[Lithium Battery] MIIT: China’s Li-Ion Battery Production Grew by 150% Year on Year and Surpassed 280GWh for First Half of 2022

China’s Li-ion battery industry exhibited high-speed growth during the first half of 2022. One major growth driver was the domestic policies related to capping carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality. Another major growth driver was the surging downstream demand....  more