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2011 China Photovoltaic Industry Investment and Financing Summit

published: 2011-05-18 15:02


2011 China Photovoltaic Industry Investment and Financing Summit




Jul. 22, 2011


《Modern Photovoltaic》、www.1solarcn.cn

China Renewable Energy Industries Association、China Association of Resource Comprehensive Utilization

General information

With the increasingly shortage of traditional energies, the new energy industry develops fast. The continued progress of solar energy technology and the gradual decrease of cell cost make a better prospect for the commercialization of the solar energy industry. It is expected that in next10 years, the annual growth rate of the solar industry will be as high as 40-50% and the investment growth rate of the solar industry in 2010 even reached 254%. Some provinces and cities in China, with the aim to promote the development of the photovoltaic industry, introduced a range of photovoltaic investment and financing preferential and support policies thus to increase capital support for such links as photovoltaic production, promotion and technology research and development.


1、National Development and Reform Commission,the National Energy Administration,the Ministry of Finance,and so on.

2、Directors and experts from photovoltaic power station contractors, project investors,and so on.

3、R&D institution,Research institute, financial institution,and so on.

4、banks, private equity funds and public funds, venture investors, law firms, insurance companies and accounting firms,and so on.


——Speech on the relevant plans, goals and preferential policies for development of China’s photovoltaic industry

——Prediction of the global photovoltaic industry market size and enterprise development opportunities during 2011-2015

——The layout of photovoltaic projects in China’s low-carbon economy development regions, the industrial model and investment opportunities

——Analysis on opportunities and risks of photovoltaic power stations investment

——Special Discussion: Investment Opportunities and Hot Spots in China’s Photovoltaic Industry Investment in 2011

——Analysis on the problems faced by photovoltaic enterprises in the process of going public

——Analysis on investment advantages and bright spots in the industry of crystalline silicon solar cell and thin-film battery

——Case Study: Investment and Financing and M&A in Photovoltaic Industry

——Interactive Q&A


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