EV Makers Facing Development Bottlenecks (1)

As EV makers gradually increased investment in R&D in recent years and some technology bottle necks have been overcome. Yet, there is still a number of impracticalities that industry experts believe are holding back the future development of EVs. Power batteries are.. more

Investment Environment by Countries – Taiwan

Due to the increasing focus on environmental issues and renewable energy, the Legislative Yuan has passed “Energy Tax Regulations,” “Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act” and “Renewable Energy Development Law,” aiming to enhance environme.. more

Investment Environment by Countries – Germany

According to “German Mineral Oil Duty Act,” every electric car purchase will be rewarded with a tax preference. The goal is to reach a tax deduction of 3 billion Euros by 2010 and of 5 billion Euros by 2050. As for hybrid cars, the German government has inp.. more

Investment Environment by Countries – France

Starting from government institutions and public transport, European Union takes measures in response to the “green living” trend. European Parliament passed a bill demanding government institutions and public transport to take not only prices but also energy sav.. more

Investment Environment by Countries – Korea

South Korean government found that traffic commuting between rural and urban areas increased, producing tremendous air pollutions. Therefore, official agency tried to focus on public transportation as a preliminary means of reducing carbon emissions and enforced the adoption o.. more

Investment Environment by Countries – Japan

Japan has the highest penetration rate of EVs mainly due to major automobile manufacturers’ head start on R&D efforts in as early as the 90s. After years of development, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Mitsubishi are all significant players in this market having in.. more

Investment Environment by Countries – China (2)

According to “Plan on Adjusting and Revitalizing the Auto Industry” published on March 20th 2009, government organizations, taxi, corporate vehicles, and public transportations were to promote and demonstrate electric vehicles while establishing infrastructure .. more