Lithium Battery

Slight Adjustment in Process with Identical Materials Prompted More Effective Electrolytes for Solid-State Battery

published: 2023-07-07 9:30
An entire differently result becomes possible by adopting an alternative production method using the same materials. US scientists, after slightly adjusting the production method of solid-state li-ion batteries, had altered the initial flaws of battery electrolytes, in the hope of building safer and more efficient solid-state battery technology. ...  more

A Big No on Cobalt Mine Extraction by Child Labor; the US to Research and Develop Cobalt-Free and Low-Nickel Li-Ion Batteries

published: 2023-07-05 9:30
Cobalt, a common raw material for cathodes of li-ion batteries, is often implicated with excavation by illegal child labor and human rights. Scientists are also dedicated in building cobalt-free li-ion batteries due to the excessive centralization of the supply chain, where scientist from the US have recently proposed a solution that comprises of a new generation battery that comes with fewer controversies. ...  more