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SOLON’s Solraise Solar Power System, Optimized by Solaredge, Maximizes Output for Individual Modules While Increasing the Overall Safety of the PV System

published: 2011-03-01 15:21

SOLON will be introducing a system solution with a power optimizing unit developed to substantially increase yields, in particular on partially shaded roofs, at the 26th Symposium on Photovoltaic Solar Energy in Bad Staffelstein, Germany, on March 2–4. SOLON will thus be the first manufacturer to offer this type of system from one source: The SOLON SOLraise is a complete system consisting of a SOLON module with an integrated DC-to-DC power optimizer, a properly adjusted inverter, and a web-based monitoring system. Furthermore in the event of a fire, the system can be disconnected completely, which ensures a high level of safety for system owners, installers, and fire-fighting units. SOLON cooperates with SolarEdge, a leading company for power optimization and monitoring technology.

The rule used to be that the energy yield of a photovoltaic system depended on the output of the weakest solar module. For this reason solar installers would recommend steering clear of partially shaded areas of the roof. The SOLON SOLraise, a DC-to-DC system optimized for use with SOLON modules, opens new possibilities. The performance-enhancing unit integrated into each module increases the energy yield through a continuous MPP tracking system in the module. In this manner it is possible to prevent mismatching losses, which are caused by varying output levels in series-connected modules, and to increase system yields by up to 25%.

There is a standard communication unit in the inverter that transfers the output data to a server specifically for each module. The system performance can be monitored by computer or even on a smartphone at any time via a web-based monitoring portal. Faults can be detected much earlier, even if occurring on individual modules.

Installation becomes less complicated because module strings with varying lengths can be connected to a one-string inverter. The roof surface can be optimally utilized and the modules can even be facing in different directions.

The SOLON SOLraise is available across Europe starting in early summer 2011. This offer includes SOLON’s free solar insurance for roof-mounted systems. The manufacturer offers a ten-year product warranty for the SOLON module with a positive performance tolerance and SOLON’s five-stage 25-year performance warranty. The inverter comes with a 12-year warranty and the performance-enhancing unit with a 25-year warranty.

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