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DONG Energy and Vestas to Collaborate on Test of New V164-7.0 MW Wind Turbines

published: 2011-04-06 14:22

According to the letter of intent DONG Energy will perform a design review of the new V164-7.0 MW next generation offshore turbine.

Additionally it is the intention that one or more V164-7.0 MW turbines could be installed at one of DONG Energy’s test sites for research and demonstration purposes and as such will allow DONG Energy to potentially be one of the very first customers to acquire this next generation Vestas turbine for a future commercial offshore project.

The V164-7.0 MW is a dedicated offshore turbine designed specifically for the harsh conditions in the Northern European waters.

Furthermore, it is the intention of DONG Energy and Vestas to investigate the possibility for Vestas to supply a number of V112 3.0MW for DONG Energy’s Danish onshore Kappel test site for research and demonstration purposes.

Installation of test turbines is an important step in commercialising new turbine technology for large scale offshore wind farms. Further, larger turbines are expected to contribute to bringing down the cost of renewable energy offshore.

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