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Sunways Solar Inverters Certified for Further Countries

published: 2011-09-06 16:46

Sunways has successfully completed the solar inverter certification process for further countries. For the United Kingdom photovoltaics market, for example, certificates according to the “Engineering Recommendation G83/1” are now available for the company’s AT series and NT series, which means that Sunways can satisfy the growing demand in the UK for small roof-mounted systems with capacities between 2500 and 5000 watts. System operators benefit from above-average yields thanks to the high efficiency of Sunways Solar Inverters with the patented HERIC® topology. With up to 98 percent efficiency, the units from the NT series are top performers in the 5-kW string
inverter class.

Certification expanded internationally

In addition to the UK, Sunways has new certificates for other European Union countries: Sunways Solar Inverters have also successfully passed the tests for Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Portugal. Trouble-free grid connection of all Sunways Solar Inverters from the AT, NT and PT series is thus guaranteed in these countries. In addition, customers from countries outside the European Union will also be able to choose high-efficiency solar inverters
from Sunways: certificates for all solar inverter series are available for Turkey with immediate effect. In Australia and Israel – countries which benefit from particularly high irradiance levels – system operators can now also benefit from the maximum efficiency provided by Sunways. In these markets the Sunways Solar Inverters from the NT series were certified for output classes between 2500 and 5000 watts.
All-purpose unit, straightforward commissioning

Equipped with the Sunways “All-in-One” communication functionality and a user-friendly graphics display, Sunways Solar Inverters are easy to operate. The country of installation can be conveniently specified at the push of a button. Thus, a single unit type can be used in all countries and is easy to configure via a country list. All Sunways Solar Inverters from the AT and PT series delivered ex works already come with the new country list. Sunways Solar Inverters NT 2500 to NT 5000 will have the expanded country list integrated from September and the NT 10000 to NT 12000 units from October 2011.

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