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Suzlon Group Expands its 3 MW Series

published: 2012-09-18 14:57

Recertification of REpower 3.2M114 and REpower 3.4M104

turbines for higher wind classes

New 3.0M122 low wind offering with a rated power of 3 MW and

a rotor diameter of 122 metres

First version to be launched features a 139-metre hybrid tower

Suzlon Group, the world’s fifth largest* wind turbine maker, announces an expansion of its REpower 3.XM series. The group’s subsidiary Repower Systems SE is presenting the restructured portfolio at HUSUM WindEnergy 2012 trade fair: in line with their potential, the existing turbines from the 3-megawatt class – the REpower 3.2M114 and REpower 3.4M104 – are being certified for use at sites with higher wind speeds. A third turbine type, the 3.0M122, has been added to the company’s 3.XM series. It has been specially designed for conditions at sites where there is lower wind. The first variant of the new turbine with a hub height of up to 139 metres will be on sale starting in early 2013, a prototype erected in the fourth quarter of 2013.

The 3.4M104 is particularly suitable for sites with high winds. It will be available in four hub heights (80 m, 93 m, 100 m, 128 m) for IEC class I (high wind) sites starting in 2014. The 3.2M114 has a rated power of 3.2 megawatts. It will be designed for sites with average wind speeds and will be available in all three hub heights (93 m, 123 m, 143 m) in the corresponding IEC II wind class starting in mid- 2013. In addition to certification for IEC classes, the turbines are also being certified for the highest wind zones and terrain categories in accordance with the German DIBt guidelines.

The new REpower 3.0M122 has a rated output of 3 MW and a rotor diameter of 122 metres. With a coated rotor surface of more than 11,600 square metres, it is the largest REpower onshore turbine in terms of its rotor diameter. With the larger rotor combined with the high hub height of 139 metres, the turbine is designed to be even more cost effective at low wind sites.

Matthias Schubert, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – REpower Systems SE

said: “With the new turbine type, we can achieve optimum energy yield at noncoastal sites with lower wind speeds, as well as in challenging areas such as hilly terrain or forests. In addition, experience gained from installing over 100 turbines from the 3.XM series at different hub heights has shown that we can use the potential of our 3.2M114 and 3.4M104 turbines for even more challenging wind conditions in the future.”

He continues: “The combination of tried-and-tested REpower technology and further systematic development solidifies our position as a quality supplier on the market. With our completed 3 MW portfolio, we can offer our customers the ideal turbine for any wind site.”

REpower has sold over 300 turbines from the 3.XM series since its launch. The series is currently offered in seven variants. The 3.4M104 is available in four different hub heights, the 3.2M114 in three. Further hub heights are planned for the 3.0M122.

REpower Systems SE at HUSUM WindEnergy 2012: Hall 4, Stand D11.

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