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LDK Solar Modules Pass PID Test by TUV Rheinland and PV Lab

published: 2012-09-26 15:01

“Class A” Rated PID Resistance Ensures Reliable Performance over Product Lifetime

LDK Solar Co., Ltd.(NYSE: LDK) ("LDK Solar") a leading vertically integrated manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) products, announces that LDK Solar modules have passed the potential-induced degradation (PID) tests performed at TUV Rheinland’s and PV Lab’s laboratories. In both tests LDK modules demonstrated a reduction in performance under test conditions of less than one percent, earning LDK modules a “Class A” rating.

PID has become a major concern in the solar industry as it can significantly reduce the power output of a PV system. Inherent differences in voltage between the module framework and solar cells as well as environmental conditions such as increased humidity and higher temperatures can lead to degradation over the life cycle of the module, reducing the yield of a PV system.

In order to assess the PID performance of its products, LDK Solar conducted testing of its 60 and 72 cell multicrystalline PV modules.  During the tests performed by TUV Rheinland and PV Lab, a negative voltage of 1,000 Volts is applied to the modules at an ambient room temperature (25 degrees Celsius) and humidity over a period of 7 days (168 hours). The module front is covered with aluminum foil or a constant water film to minimize the resistivity with the grounded frame.  According to both laboratories, if a module’s performance declines by less than five percent under test conditions it is deemed to have passed the test.  LDK Solar’s modules, with performance declines of less than one percent under test conditions, passed these tests by a wide margin.

“This positive product reliability testing carried out via two of the most respected laboratories in the PV industry demonstrates our commitment to ensure a long lifetime, reliable power output and uncompromised safety of LDK Solar modules,” said HK Cheong, Deputy General Manager of the LDK Solar Module Business Unit. “The superior quality of materials and workmanship in our modules results in long-term high power yields in all applications.”

 Through continuous optimization of the design, choice of materials and in-house manufacturing processes, LDK Solar can guarantee consistent production of PID-resistant modules. In addition to LDK Solar internal quality control and testing, LDK Solar modules meet independent test standards such as the Ammonia Resistance Test Certification IEC 62716 and the Salt Mist Corrosion Test Certification (IEC 61070) by the Photovoltaic Institute (PI) Berlin.

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