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Producing and Using Self-Generated Solar Power Offers Companies Huge Savings Potential

published: 2012-12-17 14:23

Large roof space and power consumption during the day offer ideal prerequisites

Affordable, predictable solar power can be generated over the long term for € 0.10 to.15

SOLON analyzes the individual load profile and then designs the optimum solar system

SOLON Energy GmbH now offers comprehensive consulting services for enabling companies and the industry to use self-generated power. After all, companies that produce solar power and use it themselves are rewarded with huge savings potential: they often have large roofs and primarily require power during the day. With their own power plant installed on their roof, they can plan on generating affordable solar power at only € 0.10 to 0.15 a kilowatt hour for up to 20 years.

To provide companies with extensive consulting services, SOLON first calculates the potential behind internal power consumption. To do this, the individual load profile is analyzed and compared with the electricity production to be expected from a solar system installed on the company's roof.

SOLON takes into consideration the roof's size and orientation, the current individual price of electricity, the electricity price increase to be expected and the costs of a suitable solar system. The potential solar system is then designed so that as much self-generated power is consumed as possible, thus allowing companies to significantly reduce the amount of power they buy. The investment is paid off by these avoided power costs. Afterwards, the solar system virtually produces electricity for free.

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