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1 to 1000 kW: SolarWorld to Present Themselves as Specialists in Roof-Mounted Systems of any Size at the Ecobuild

published: 2013-03-06 14:21

SolarWorld’s trade show theme for this year’s Ecobuild from 5 to 7 March, London, is solution expertise for a variety of constructional requirements.

The exhibition of the leading European module manufacturer will focus on mounting systems specifically designed for roof-integrated solar power systems and flat roof installations that do not require any roof penetration. In combination with high quality SolarWorld module technology, this leads to solar power systems characterised particularly by their durability and reliability. To achieve the highest grade of quality, SolarWorld are the only fully integrated manufacturers worldwide to rely on production locations in Germany and the United States exclusively.

Exactly how SolarWorld systems are optimally used in various construction projects will be demonstrated at the trade show using examples of installations that were completed in the United Kingdom. The range of exhibited projects ranges from 1.9 kW for private homes up to 1,000 kW for the largest roof-mounted solar power system in the United Kingdom.

Located in Devon in South West England, it has been generating about 915 megawatt hours of clean energy annually for the Trago Mills Shopping Mall since February 2013. “The variety of successfully completed installations using SolarWorld solutions shows that our products perfectly meet the special market requirements in England,” says Scott McDaniel, Business Development Manager at SolarWorld for the United Kingdom, about the recent market success.

“Whether large or small, historic building or modern, private or commercial - SolarWorld have the right solution. And of course we are proud about the fact that the largest roof-mounted system in the United Kingdom is a SolarWorld system.”

The case study on the record-breaking system and further examples of customised complete solutions from SolarWorld can be found at the Ecobuild at booth S2720.

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