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SolarEdge DC Optimized Inverter Meets New Hawaii Grid Requirements

published: 2015-03-10 13:33

SolarEdge, a provider of PV inverters, power optimizers, and module-level monitoring services, announced that its DC optimized inverters are fully compliant with Hawaiian Electric Companies’ (HECO) updated list of Qualified Equipment that Meets Transient Overvoltage and/or Ride Through Specifications. In this list, the Hawaiian utility specifies certain inverters that meet new guidelines for grid interaction.

“As a state with high solar PV penetration, Hawaii is leading the way in the development of solutions for PV-to-grid interaction, taking solar power one step closer to being a mainstream solution for electricity generation,” said Lior Handelsman, Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy for SolarEdge. “SolarEdge worked closely with HECO to address Hawaii’s challenges and to meet the specific requirements of its PV market.”

Effective as of February 9, all new permits for solar installations must meet expanded frequency and voltage ride-through (FVRT) and new ultra-fast transient over-voltage (TrOV-2) requirements. SolarEdge inverters are currently available with fullFVRT, eliminating the need for installers to update them at a later date. To date, as per HECO’s published list, other inverter suppliers may only meet an interimFVRT, which will require a field upgrade by the end of September 2015 to be fully compliant.

“As more states follow in Hawaii’s footsteps and implement regulations that require improved PV-to-grid interaction, we expect to see an increased demand for technologies that offer these benefits,” said Peter Mathews, General Manager SolarEdge North America. “The SolarEdge DC optimized inverter is a fully compliant and listed solution that meets HECO’s latest requirements. These systems are available today in Hawaii.”

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