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PV Modules Made by Astronergy Certified in Israel

published: 2015-04-14 10:29

Standards Institution of Israel (SII) officially added Astronergy to the certified corporate list. This indicates that Astronergy's PV modules are eligible to enter into the Israelite market and can be installed to Israel's grid projects.

The SII is responsible for setting up quality standards for products that are traded within Israel. The institution has strict standards on products' safety and security level. This non-governmental organization also takes responsibility to test imported goods for environmental conservation purposes. Astronergy is currently on the certified list ready to sell modules. With this certificate, the mandatory inspection process for Astronergy solar modules in Israelite customs will speed up.

"Israel has high standards on product quality. We are happy that Astronergy passed the test. Astronergy has ambitions in the Middle-East market and penetrating into Israel is the first step. We believe that maintaining product quality is the most effective way to win trust from clients in any market. I am sure that our business in Israel is promising," Commented Executive Vice President Dr. Lu Chuan.

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