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Daymak’s Electric “Solar Photon Scooter” Now Available on Kickstarter

published: 2015-07-07 17:42

This could be the world’s smallest electric vehicle – and it is solar-powered! Daymak’s innovation, Solar Photo Scooter, is now available on Kickstarter for people to fund for the green, eco-friendly, and multi-functional scooter for all ages.

"We believe we have developed a scooter for use by everyone, no matter what the age,” said Daymak CTO, Aldo Baiocchi. “Thanks to the solar trickle charging technology we developed, this scooter's battery will never go dead. It can be used as a backup vehicle in your car, as a campus rider, a last mile scooter, coffee break scooter or in a large warehouse.”

The Photon is multi-use and multifunctional. With the 6W multicrystalline solar panel installed on the scooter, the Photo re-charges its lithium or lead acid batteries under any daylight at approximately 0.3km/h. Its 24V battery pack allows it to travel distance of up to 15km. Furthermore, the Photon can be used to charge your phone, play tunes or play FM in the background, for more fun when you ride on it.

The key features of the Photon are:

  • Solar Powered
  • Equipped with speakers and MP3/FM radio
  • Cell phone holder installed
  • USB Port
  • Alarm System

Daymak is launching the Photon on Kickstarter, where early buyers will be able to purchase first editions at discounted rates starting from $149 USD. Visit photonscooter.com for more details.

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