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Solar Frontier’s 2.3MW Installation in Netherlands Performs Better than Expectation

published: 2015-12-16 18:03

Solar Frontier, in collaboration with solar energy companies KiesZon and Ikaros Solar, has completed a 2.3MW solar generation facility atop rooftop of warehouse of thyssenkrupp Materials in Nederland. The CIS solar array’s power generation was approximately 6% higher than expectation.

The project launched in early 2015 and was constructed between June and July. It consists of two rooftop installations on warehouses belonging to thyssenkrupp Materials Nederland.

The reliability of Solar Frontier’s CIS modules in high ammonia environments was a deciding factor to be chosen by KiesZon, the project owner. Considering thyssenkrupp Material’s 32,000 square foot warehouse in Veghel is located near a seagull breeding ground, solar system owners are subsequently burdened with bird droppings impacting the performance of their modules. Solar Frontier’s CIS modules are certified for resistance to environments with high ammonia content, and as their output indicates, are continuing to perform well in this environment.

Ikaros Solar provided EPC services for the plants while thyssenkrupp Material, a North American distributor of production materials, leased out the rooftop of its warehouse and signed to purchase the electricity generated by the plants to reduce its electricity costs as well as help advance its environmental initiatives.

“The Netherlands is one of the most promising markets for solar energy in Europe,” said Wolfgang Lange, Managing Director of Solar Frontier Europe. “We are proud to have contributed to this large-scale solar power project and look forward to continuing to meet demand for clean, renewable and economical energy in the region.”

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