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JA Solar Opens a New 1.5GW Fully Automated Module Manufacturing Facility

published: 2016-05-10 14:53
JA Solar announced on May 9th that it has begun mass production of high performance PV panels at its newest module manufacturing facility in Xingtai, Hebei province, China.
The new manufacturing facility, located in the Economic Development District of Xingtai city, has an annual capacity of 1.5 GW with fully automated assembly lines using the latest module manufacturing technologies. The facility is capable of producing both 60- and 72-cell modules primarily using JA Solar's high-efficiency PERCIUM cells.
All the stringers installed in this facility are equipped with artificial intelligence capable of switching soldering configurations between four busbars and five busbars of cell contact patterns. All the assembly lines also have the flexibility of either making regular modules or making double-glass modules with the easiness of converting between them back and forth.
The fully automated assembly lines for making standard 60- and 72-cell modules significantly increases the productivity of the facility. The annual production per capita is estimated to be 2 MW, the highest among the peers in the industry. In addition, the way the facility is designed to have all the functional sections including module assembly, test and measurement, stockrooms, and warehouse placed under one roof is considerably energy efficient.
Mr. Baofang Jin, JA Solar's Executive Chairman of the board and CEO, said, "The grand opening of our fully automated module manufacturing facility in Xingtai marks JA Solar taking one step forward in terms of intelligent manufacturing. We will keep focusing on technological innovation as well as continue to improve the performance of our products to meet our customers' demand for high quality products."
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