Edwards’ Vacuum Pumps Chosen by EV-bounded Li-ion Makers

published: 2016-05-12 15:56 | editor: | category: News

Edwards has seen an increase in orders for GXS dry screw vacuum pumps from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, with several significant orders from customers based in Asia.

The GXS dry screw pump technology is used in different processes in lithium-ion battery manufacturing; in the vacuum drying of electrodes and complete battery cells effective removal of moisture and solvents is critical to the process. In electrolyte filling and degassing applications the GXS is used to prevent the formation of micro air bubbles and for the removal of water vapour, ensuring efficient charging and discharging cycles. This results in a reliable battery with high performance and a long life for use in electrical vehicles.

V. Rangarajan, Market Sector Manager, Edwards, commented, “We are delighted that our customers have evaluated and qualified Edwards’ GXS dry pump technology in handling their lithium-ion battery production processes over several years. The GXS has contributed towards maximising production efficiency and with minimal maintenance requirements, which has resulted in these significant orders from our customers.”

The GXS dry vacuum pump features cutting-edge screw technology, enabling users to optimize their processes with a low cost of ownership and a reduced footprint. It features advanced control capability, offering better ultimate vacuum and is robust and reliable even in harsh applications. A long pump service life and minimal maintenance costs, together with reduced gas and power consumption make the GXS the most economical vacuum pump solution for industrial applications.

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