JinkoSolar reaches 24.58% efficiency for n-type TOPCon cell

published: 2021-09-14 17:11 | category: News

JinkoSolar claims that it has implemented a post-cell hydrogenation process which improve the average efficiency of a batch of 50 commercial n-type TOPCon solar cells developed.

By measuring the performance of the solar cells, the researchers found that the cell's average open-circuit voltage increased by 7 mV, from 696 to 703 mV, and the average fill factor from 82.03% to 83.07%. “These improvements indicate enhanced bulk passivation and slight surface improvement from the dedicated hydrogenation process, above and beyond the hydrogenation that occurs during the firing process,” the Chinese-Australian team stated, noting that the average cell efficiency grew by 0.64%, from 23.51% to 24.15%.

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