Fraunhofer ISE develops solder-free aluminum interconnection tech for shingled PV modules

published: 2021-09-23 17:45 | editor: | category: News

The German research institute Fraunhofer ISE  has unveiled a novel interconnection technology for shingled PV modules that eliminates the need for electrically conductive adhesives and screen-printed busbars. It consists of an 8-μm-thick aluminum foil that is joined to the silicon nitride (SiNX) passivation via laser metal bond (LMB). When integrated in a solar module, the efficiency of the new interconnector improved by 0.7%.

The German group compared the performance of the novel interconnection technology with that of a conventional interconnection relying on ECAs. The measurements showed that the module fabricated with the foil achieved an efficiency of 21%, while the device without the foil reached 20.3%, with the 0.7% efficiency advantage being attributed mainly due to the increased fill factor.

Source: pvtech

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