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Industry's Most Powerful Charging Station, 720 kW U-POWER Tainan Yunong Station Officially Opens

published: 2022-09-27 9:30

Tainan city has finally ushered in an ultra-high-power fast charging station. U-POWER officially opened the Yunong Station yesterday, providing a convenient charging pipeline for electric vehicles, with power as high as 720 kW, which is currently the highest power among third-party charging companies in Taiwan.

U-POWER is one of the main charging service providers in Taiwan. It can be said that it is of great significance to set up their flag in Tainan at this time. Tainan Yunong Station is located on Yunong Road in the East District of Tainan City and one of the main traffic routes from east to west. It is only a 3-minute drive from National Highway No. 1 south to Dawan Interchange and north to Rende Interchange, making it an important charging option in the south.

There is a Starbucks, Louisa, McDonald's and other stores around Yunong Station. Drivers can take advantage of the 15-30 minutes of charging time to have a cup of coffee and buy a snack before hitting the road.

In addition to use by tourists and long-distance drivers, U-POWER can also serve the employees of Tainan Science and Technology Park nearby. U-POWER believes that these technology startups are more accepting of electric vehicles, but charging piles may be difficult to install due to old housing. Now that there is this fast charging station located in an urban area, car owners can feel more at ease.

In fact, Yunong Station has been in trial operation since July 25 this year. In the past six weeks, it has served as many as 730 vehicles, providing 20,000 kWh of electricity to electric vehicle owners, which has saved 22 tons of electricity. Carbon emissions, if the carbon emissions of thermal power generation are included, are still reduced by 11 metric tons. With the increase in the number of electric vehicles, the carbon emissions of the ancient capital will be further reduced.

Although it is said to be 720 kW power, it is actually two 360 kW energy sources, providing 2 CCS1 and 4 CCS2 charging positions, including 1 CCS1 and 3 CCS2 equipped with liquid-cooled charging outlets capable of charging at 500A high current for maximum charging efficiency.

In order to achieve a power of 720kW, UPOWER applied to Taipower to install a high-voltage line with a voltage of up to 11.4kV. With this high-voltage, this charging station can continue to expand and set up more charging piles in the future.

At present, UPOWER has 4 fast charging stations officially in operation, 3 fast charging stations are still in trial operation, adding up to a total of 30 charging outlets, almost all of which are located near main roads. Their goal is to provide long-distance driver with convenient charging. Trial operation sites are charging NT$9 per kilowatt-hour and official operation sites are charging NT$10 per kilowatt-hour.


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