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Cybertrucks Prepare Delivery for Q3; What’s Up with the Change of Look?

published: 2023-05-18 9:30

Tesla is scheduled to deliver the anticipated Cybertruck starting from Q3, for which users who have preordered have waited for more than 3 years. However, what has aroused the attention of some people is the somewhat different design of the latest prototype compared to what was announced back then.

Cybertruck, during its debut, had generated extreme criticisms from its bold contour and rugged design, but the sci-fi look has seemed to gradually subside as time went by. Someone in the US snapped a photo of a Cybertruck that was under testing outside of Fremont Factory, which led to substantial discussion.

The overall design, despite largely retaining its initial design, is somewhat different compared to the previous version in terms of the front part of the vehicle, which now seems to be flatter.

Official promotion shot of the Cybertruck. (Source: Tesla)

After close comparison, it seems that the new version has relatively flattened out the inclined planes on both sides of the front, while the rear mirrors on both sides of the vehicle and the front windshield wipers have also made a return. In addition, the bumper at the front of the vehicle is also larger compared to the debut version.

Disclaimer: the photo was taken by an online user, and could result in visual discrepancies due to the angle of the photo.

What this is saying is that Cybertruck has indeed compromised in order to hit the roads officially, assuming that these changes are official. The front of the vehicle that contained sharp lines is now seemingly much safer, where the black rear mirrors and the large windshield wipers have brought a sense of realism to the vehicle that once looked like a product from another planet.

Being able to hit the road legally is obviously important for the 1.5 million preordered users, but the aforementioned change to the front of Cybertruck may disappoint a lot of people, since the initial design embodied the existence of the vehicle, and it now somewhat resembles Volvo XC40 and Hyundai Ioniq 5.

The anticipated delivery ceremony is happening in Q3, before a massive delivery process occurs in Q4. A lot of preordered users are bound to shift their attention towards the final look and price tag of Cybertruck, which is expected to be relatively different after three years of wait. Are you feeling the new design? Comment down below.

 (Photo source: Reddit)

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