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Tesla Lightning Liquor Bottle Containing No Alcohol and Priced at Over NT$4000 Sold Out Instantly in Taiwan

published: 2021-09-10 9:30 | editor | category: News
The online shop of Tesla that became available in Taiwan this year has had a new product that is favored by global car owners and fans. The new “Tesla Lightning Glass Bottle” is priced at NT$4,450, and the thing is, there is no liquor inside the bottle. What Tesla is selling is essentially just an empty bottle, which was sold out instantly, and a restock time is not yet revealed. ...  more

China’s Jilin Province Issues 1.4GW New Energy Tender That Includes 400MW for Solar PV

published: 2021-09-10 9:30 | editor | category: News
The government of Baicheng, a city in China’s Jilin Province, formally released a tender for 1.4GW of generation capacity based on new energy technologies on September 9. The tender is designed to support the development of the Lugu HVDC transmission system and encourage the development of new energy technologies in the province. Enterprises that fit the requirements of the tender are invited to put forth their bids. ...  more

CATL to Release Commercial Sodium-Ion Batteries that Charge to 80% in 15 Minutes

published: 2021-09-10 9:30 | editor | category: News
A little sprinkle of salt adds flavor to dishes. Will adding salt to batteries ascend it to a brand new realm? CATL recently released the first sodium-ion battery for EVs, and claims that the energy density has arrived at 160Wh/kg, where a power of 80% can be achieved by a charging time of merely 15 minutes. The battery operates normally under a low temperature environment, and is able to maintain 90% capacity under -20°C. ...  more

Jinyangny signed a sale contact with Taiyi Solar

published: 2021-09-08 17:16 | editor | category: News
Sept 7th — Jinyangny announced that its subsidiary Jinyang Silicon has signed a contact about the sale of mono wafer with Taiyi Solar. According to the contact, Jinyang will provide more than 0.1 billion mono wafers each month fro...  more

Mytilineos acquired 90MW in Romania

published: 2021-09-08 16:56 | editor | category: News
Greek industrial group Mytilineos has acquired 90MW in Romania. Mytilineos, through its Renewables and Storage Development (RSD) business unit, has signed an agreement with Enel Green Power Romania, part of the Enel Group, for a 9...  more