France Will Experiment With PV Power Roads Again

published: 2019-08-02 9:30
The French government will again try to develop a PV power-generating road with the use of a brand new type of solar panel in 2019, following its previous experiment with unsatisfactory results in 2016. ...  more

Lithium Batteries Increasingly Used as UPSs in Datacenters Due to High Cost-Performance Ratio, Says TrendForce

published: 2019-06-10 15:27
As the datacenter market continues to grow, UPS demand receives a boost. According to statistics by  EnergyTrend  , a division of  TrendForce  , sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries remain the most widely used UPSs for datacenters. Yet lithium batteries possess advantages such as a long lifespan, quick charge/discharge speeds and a small volume, and are poised to replace SLA batteries in the future. By 2019, lithium batteries comprise 12% of batteries used in datacenters. This percentage is predicted to grow to 16% in 2020. ...  more