Energy Storage Australia 2014 concluded successfully

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The Australian Energy Storage Council participated in the Energy Storage Australia 2014. Over 150 delegates from 60+ companies gathered together and discussed about the future of energy storage market in Australia, and the current barriers.

The event was organized by CDMC Events, supported by Australian Clean Energy Council.

3rd Energy Storage Australia 2014, run in Sydney from October 23rd to 24rd——Focusing on Battery Energy Storage System, addressed the latest energy storage project updates in Australia and have also discussed opportunities within the energy storage industry.

‘We have been involved in Australian market for over 10 years, supplying Lead acid batteries to remote areas.’ Said Neil He from Vision Group, which is a Chinese battery supplier. ‘As the electricity price for households goes up rapidly in Australia, we have shifted our focus to domestic market and we have now developed household energy solution, which consists grid-connected solar PV and battery storage, using Lithium battery technology.’

‘The price of the system has dropped dramatically to below $1 AUD/Wh’, Neil is confident in the Australian Energy storage market. ‘We believe more and more people will attach battery system to their roof top PV because it is cost effective now.’

The Australian Energy Storage Council also notices that some of the network companies are starting to restrict solar PV connections to their network unless it is attached to a battery system. The importance of battery storage has been now widely understand and recognized which is a good news for the industry.

Which are the Key Topics of the Summit?

The summit host distinguished guests and senior decision makers from companies from more than 15 countries around the world. There were roundtable discussions, open Q&A sessions and long sessions about key industry insights. The topics of the summit are the following,

  • Battery Energy Storage System Technology Enable Power Grids More Flexible, Reliable, Efficient, Intelligent and Environmentally Friendly —— Marble Bar Power Store Project
    David EDWARDS, Energy Systems Planning Manager, Horizon Power
  • Role of Battery Energy Storage System in Utility Power Supply in Australia —— A 60KW Battery Storage System in Newington
    Robert SIMPSON, Chief Engineer, Ausgrid
  • PV and Batteries for Home Use: Will it Be a Game Changer of Utilities?
    Dr. Tony VASSALLO, Professor, University of Sydney
  • FIAMM Experience in OFF GRID Applications in Remote Area
    Sally QIU, Sales Manager Asia Pacific, FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions
  • Energy Storage System Performance in MW Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Plant
    Clause YI, Chief Engineer, VISION Group
  • Understanding The Requirements from Energy Storage for Electricity Generation from Renewable Sources
    Dr. Anand BHATT, Research Team Leader, CSIRO
  • Container Style Energy Storage and Application in Public Grid
    Lin WANG, Sales Director, BYD EPRI
  • Round Table Discussion: “Distributed Power Generation and Energy Storage is killing Power Grid!”
  • Politics, Climate Change Policy and the Future of Renewable Energy
    Christine MILNE, Senator, Australian Greens
  • Target: 3000MW——Can Australia Energy Storage Market Reach It by 2030?
    Kane THRONTON, Acting Chief Executive, Clean Energy Council
  • Renewable Energy Policy and The Market for Storage
    Dr. Joel GILMORE, Principal of Renewable Energy and Climate Policy, ROAM Consulting
  • Integration of Sunny Central Battery Inverters in Renewable Energy Projects
    Wilhelm Van BUTSELAAR, Sales Director Hybrid Energy Solutions, SMA
  • The Cost-Effectiveness of Offgrid Energy Supply with Future Prediction of Battery Energy Storage Cost
    CHEN Xu, Marketing Manager, Sinowatt
  • The Largest Battery-Based Renewable Energy Storage in Australia —— King Island Renewable Energy Project
    Simon GAMBLE, Manager Hybrid Off-Grid Solutions, Hydro Tasmania
  • Renewable Energy Generation and Energy Storage Technology Blurring of the Lines between Generators, Network Operators and Retailers
    Dr. Bevan Holcombe, CEO, Elevare Energy
  • Demonstration Planning and Application of Solar Projects in India
    Ashish Saraf, Managing Director, Novus Solar Energy
  • Market Trends of Community and Household Energy Storage Market ——Through View of Solar Power and Energy Storage System Installer
    Mike Laughton-SMITH, Chairman, SEA

Energy Storage Australia 2015 will be held next year, hope we can meet you again!~

4th China International Energy Storage Station Congress 2015 is now being prepared to be held in Shenzhen, China! The event will examine critical industry issues - helping you to gauge the pulse of our dynamic industry and stay abreast of the most advanced energy storage business models and technologies.

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