energy storage

Key Points of Global Electrochemical Energy Storage

published 2023 年 08 月 14 日 18:04
Domestic energy storage: bidding market is booming, and industrial and commercial storage benefits from the larger price gap of peak and valley hours Large-Scale Energy Storage: In Q2 2023, domestic energy storage achieved a signi...  more

Analysis of the Global Energy Storage Market in 2023

published 2023 年 08 月 02 日 14:48
U.S. Large-size Energy Storage: As per the estimations by EIA, the grid-connected utility energy storage in the U.S. surpassed 1MW/1036MWh in June 2023. Impressively, from January to June, the cumulative grid connection reached 1....  more

CATL’s Energy Storage Business Achieved Remarkable Results

published 2023 年 08 月 01 日 17:07
CATL: In the first half of 2023, CATL’s energy storage business achieved remarkable results, recording revenue of 27.985 billion yuan and the sale of energy storage batteries reached nearly 35 GWh.  On July 25, CATL released its 2...  more