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Big Sun’s iPV Solar Tracker Going Global!

published 2015 年 04 月 29 日 15:08
Big Sun, a Taiwan-based solar PV manufacturer, has developed a universal-axis PV tracker through its subsidiary, Topper Sun. Its patented design help increase 30%~40% power generation compared to traditional fixed PV systems. iPV ...  more

PROINSO Launches the MECASOLAR Products Made in India

published 2015 年 04 月 21 日 17:39
PROINSO strengthens its presence and penetration in the Indian PV market with the launching of the MECASOLAR products manufactured in India. The new Flat Roof and Pitch Roof Structures will give PROINSO a price advantage he...  more

SunPower and Apple Form JV to Run 40MW of PV Projects in China

published 2015 年 04 月 17 日 15:36
Continuing its growth in the world's largest solar PV market, SunPower announced its plan to partner with Apple to build two solar power projects totaling 40 MW in ABA Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefectures, Sichuan Provi...  more

China Establishes New Alliance for Solar PV Financing

published 2015 年 04 月 09 日 18:22
As China begins to shift its focus from PV manufacturing to PV applications and promote distributed systems, the need for solar financing has gradually increased. Recently, a new PV solar financing alliance was officially l...  more

SPI to Acquire 4.3 MW of Solar PV Projects in Italy

published 2015 年 01 月 19 日 18:00
Solar Power, Inc. (SPI), together with its wholly owned subsidiary, SPI China (HK) Limited, has entered into a stock purchase agreement with CECEP Solar Energy Hong Kong Co., Limited (CECEP HK), a wholly owned subsidiary of China ...  more

Waaree Energies to Develop 200 MW of Solar PV Projects in Japan

published 2015 年 01 月 16 日 13:56
Waaree Energies Limited, a solar PV developer & manufacturer, announced to develop 200MW of solar PV projects in Japan under certain feed-in tariff schemes. Part of its plans has been approved. Waaree Japan KK had been setup i...  more

IKEA to Install Missouri’s Largest Rooftop Solar Array

published 2015 年 01 月 15 日 14:54
Atop IKEA’s St. Louise store, which is planned to open this Fall, will feature Missouri’s largest rooftop solar array. Panel installation will begin this Spring. For the development, design and installation of IKEA St. Loui...  more

Blue Earth Sells Its 4.732 MW Indiana Solar Project to NRG Solar

published 2015 年 01 月 13 日 10:49
Blue Earth, a renewable/alternative energy and energy efficiency services company, announced today that it has closed on a Membership Interest Purchase Agreement to sell its wholly owned, Lenape II Solar LLC, that held the rights ...  more

SPI Solar Acquired a TBEA-owned PV Project Company in China

published 2015 年 01 月 09 日 11:11
Solar Power announced that it has entered into definitive agreements and closed the acquisition of Gonghe County Xinte Photovoltaic Co., Ltd. (Xinte), a PV project company established in China with limited liability and directly o...  more