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PV Industry Price Trend: Module Quotations Continue to Decline amidst Unrecovered Demand in Short Term

Polysilicon The polysilicon market had slightly fluctuated this week, with a shrinkage in the quotation interval at the same time. With the power restrictions now phasing out, the upstream supply of polysilicon powder is now replenished, followed by a downward adjustment in quotations, and businesses are slightly mitigated in production pressure amidst a gradually alleviating provision status in polysilicon....  more



[Solar] JA Solar to Invest RMB 700 Million in Auxiliary Material R&D Production Base in Yiwu

Yiwu of Zhejiang has recently become the location for JA Solar’s PV auxiliary material R&D base that would further replenish the PV industry chain....  more


[EV] EV Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Battles Back, Market Share to Exceed 60% in 2024

The lithium battery, a key component of electric vehicles, ushered in a miraculous reversal. The proportion of lithium iron phosphate batteries reached 52% last year, surpassing that of ternary batteries. In the first quarter of this year, it continued to grow. Analysts estimate that its market share will exceed 60% in 2024....  more


[Lithium Battery] Machine Learning to Project Battery Lifespan and Lower Development Cost

A lot of us are probably more interested in knowing the battery lifespan of our smartphones over our actual lifespan, and US scientists have recently thought of an idea that utilizes machine learning to project the life cycle of batteries....  more


[Solar] Deliberately Hiding Origin to Avoid Tariffs? US Investigates 8 Chinese Solar Companies

Bloomberg reported that the U.S. Department of Commerce named eight solar energy companies, including the three leading Chinese companies LONGi Green Energy, Trina Solar, and JinkoSolar, to conduct a mandatory questionnaire survey to confirm whether they are assembling product in SE Asia to avoid U.S. import duties....  more


[Others] Sea of Galilee Drying Up Due to Extreme Weather, Israel Plans Refill from Desalination Pipeline

The Bible says that Moses led the Jewish people to a land flowing with milk and honey. In the 20th century, the Jews decided to establish a country in the old land of their homeland. However, the land of Israel is not a land flowing with milk and honey but a dry land that lacks even water sources. Thus,deserts and water sources have become important national security issues....  more