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Global Automakers Favor New Energy Cars in China

published: 2011-11-29 9:43 | editor | category: News
In preparation for its entry into China's electric vehicle market, Honda Motors conducted its first electric car verification test in Guangzhou China, which followed similar tests recently done in the United States and Japan. ...  more

China's New Energy Vehicle Faces Growing Pains

published: 2011-11-29 9:41 | editor | category: News
Zhao Liang, a resident of Changchun in northeastern China, takes the No 66 bus to work every day, never noticing a difference between the bus he used to take and the one he takes now - the one with the words "hybrid power&quo...  more

Restrictions to be Lifted on New-Energy Car Plates

published: 2011-11-29 9:35 | editor | category: News
CHINA will lift restrictions on the issuance of new license plates for buyers of new-energy vehicles, a move designed to put more green vehicles on the country's roads. New-energy cars will be exempt from the current license p...  more

New Energy Car Plan Back on Track

published: 2011-11-29 9:34 | editor | category: News
A program for developing China's new energy automobile industry, that was first flagged in Aug 2010, is likely to be launched by the end of the year, according to statements made by an official from the Ministry of Industry an...  more

China Stresses Measures to Boost New-Energy Car Market

published: 2011-11-29 9:32 | editor | category: News
In a move to increase the number of green vehicles on the country’s roads, China is urging new-energy car promotions in 25 major cities. The new regulatory call will likely provide a boost to the green automobile market afte...  more

China Still Awaiting Revised New Energy Vehicle Policies

published: 2011-11-29 9:31 | editor | category: News
All sides are still awaiting the official debut of the revised policies for new energy vehicles for 2011 to 2020. According to the21st Century News Group, revisions are still being made and may take some several months before bein...  more

China Set to Implement Plan for New Energy Vehicle Industry

published: 2011-11-29 9:27 | editor | category: News
The Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2011-2020) is expected to be implemented in January, the Shanghai Securities News reported Tuesday, citing an expert at the Society of Automotive Engineers of Chi...  more