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June 18th ~ June 20th, 2010:The 3rd Guangdong Energy Saving & Environmental Protection and New Energy Technology Exhibition 2010 (Foshan)

published: 2010-05-18 15:48

The 3rd Guangdong Energy Saving & Environmental Protection and New Energy Technology Exhibition 2010 will be held in Foshan International Conference & ExhibitionCenter,from June 18th to June 20th, 2010

Exhibition Name

The 3rd Guangdong Energy Saving & Environmental Protection and New Energy Technology Exhibition 2010

Exhibition Hall Place

FoshanInternational Conference & ExhibitionCenter

Exhibition Date

June 18-20,2010

Event Cycle

Once in a year

Exhibition Introduction

Targeting on high energy-consumption and pollution enterprises in Guangdong, industrial enterprises, real estate developers, construction engineering enterprises, municipal construction departments and many others, the GDEPE provides a platform for energy saving and new energy projects.

The challenging goals regarding energy saving and the new energy industry according to the government’s five-year-plan offer a huge market for energy saving and renewable energy projects and its development.

Exhibition Review

In 2009, the GDEPE attracted around 160 industrial companies. It will focus on a wide range of relevant topics, such as brand promotions and showcasing new technologies, condensed water recovery and steam recycling, energy saving in buildings (wall materials, thermal insulation materials etc.), environmental protection (industrial waste water treatment, air pollution prevention etc.) and many others more.

Exhibit Scope

Brand zone: brand promotion and spreading corporate identity of major industry players,showcasing new technologies,produCTS and systemic solutions
Industrial energy saving: motor system,power equipMEnt,variable frequency speed regulation technologies,exploit of afterheat and afterpressure,energy saving coal-fired industrial boilers,steam recyCLing,condensed water recovery,regenerative combustion technologies,etc.
Energy saving in building: new energy-saving environmental-friendly wall materiaLS,thermal insulation materials,energy-saving doors,windows and curtain walls,building intelligent control system,solar power heaters,heat pump water heaters (heat pump hot water units),air-conditioner integrated with water heater,building energy-saving lighting technologies,systemic heat-supply and refrigeration energy saving technologies,etc.
Environmental Protection: industrial waste water treatment,municipal sewage treatment,air pollution prevention and control,solid waste treatment,dISposal and reuse technologies and equipment,environmental monitoring technologies and instruments,environment-friendly ventilation equipment,water treatment equipment,environmental sanitation facilities,cleaner production,power plant desulfurization,etc.
Green Lighting: new high efficiency energy-saving light source,LED lighting,efficient energy-saving electronic ballaSTS,efficient energy-saving lighting control equipment,etc.
New Energy & Renewable Energy: wind and solar power generation,solar photovoltaic,solar photovoltaic cells components,photovoltaic power system,solar heating,biogas utilization,nuclear power,hydropower,biomass utilization,urban rubbish power generation,geothermal utilization,ground-source heat pump air-conditioners,etc.
Products listed on Government Procurement of Energy Saving Products; circular economy,comprehensive utilization of resources,home and transportation energy saving,energy saving and environmental protection services,contract energy management,environmental protection engineering services,transferring of technical achievements among scientific research institutions,professional media,etc.

Exhibition Cost

Local enterprises :
Standard booth:7800 RMB/exhibition period
Raw space:800 RMB/m2

Foreign enterprises:
Standard booth:11800 RMB/exhibition period
Raw space:1200 RMB/m2


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