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The 6th China (Beijing) International Exhibition of Solar-Energy Products and Photovoltaic Engineer in 2011

published: 2010-11-26 17:48

The 6th China (Beijing) International Exhibition of Solar-Energy Products and Photovoltaic Engineer in 2011 will be on Sep 19-21, 2011 ChinaInternational Exhibition Center , Beijing.


The 6th China (Beijing) International Exhibition of Solar-Energy Products and Photovoltaic Engineer in 2011


ChinaInternational Exhibition Center , Beijing.


Sep 19-21, 2011


Asiasolar Energy Association

Chinaenergy Association

Europe Alliance of Solar-Energy products and photovoltaic engineer

ChinaElectricity Council, Electricity Substance Circulation Branch

Beijing Yuanyang Tengda International Exhibit Co. Ltd

Assisting party:

Ministry of Construction of the People’s Republic of China

National Development and Reform Commission

China Institute of Electrical Engineering

Design Institute of North China

World Commission on Energy

Market Background:

Along with human society's progress and the technical development, the light bends down the industry is in the world develops one of quickest energy industries, our country in “25” period takes the key industry the new energy to develop, under our country comprehensive construction resource conservation, the environment friendly society's background, the solar energy industry is facing the unprecedented development opportunity. At present, our country's solar energy market take the yearly rate 20%-30% speed increases as Europe's 2 times, North America's 4 times, has become the world biggest solar energy to apply the market. At present, the country will promote the light hot application to take the construction energy conservation work positively the important component, includes the construction energy conservation “95 plans and in 2010 plans” and arranges, to implement the housing sunlight plan positively, the National Department of commercial affairs is also listing as the light hot application industry one of key support new energy industries. "Renewable energy source Law" on January 1, 2006 implemented along with the People's Republic of China becomes effective the Chinese electro-optic to welcome the full of vitality spring.

The“2010 5th China (Beijing) International Solar Energy Product and Photovoltaic Engineer Exhibition” to succeed in September, 2010 in Beijing . This exhibitions take “the green new energy, benefit the universe” as the subjects, has collected from Germany, the US, France, Japan, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Ukraine, South Korea, Singapore and so on. more than 20 countries and the area as well as the domestic nearly 400 enterprises comes to participate, display area more than 16000 square meters, regardless of being the participation enterprise or the exhibition area compares the first two sessions to have the remarkable enhancement, this demonstrates our country new energy market broad prospects for development fully. Three day-long exhibition, reaches more than 50,000 people from the related profession's audience, 95% exhibitors are satisfied to this exposition's display effect, 90% exhibitors had the strong interest to attend the next exposition once more, the exhibition have obtained the complete success. We believed that  “The 2011 6th China (Beijing) International Solar Energy Product and Photovoltaic Engineer Exhibition”, in September 19-21, 2011 in the China international exhibition center of Beijing , invites the expensive department to participate. Will certainly to be the exhibitor and the trade audience, the buyer and seller's important exchange platform, discusses together the cooperation the best place. Makes the proper contribution for our country's economic development.Combined with radiation powerin Beijing, the China city capacity and demand, the show will build a scientific and technological exchanges overseas counterparts, cooperative development and marketing high-performance platform. We look forward to your visit!

Scope of Exhibits:

◆Solar Energy & PV Products: PV modules and subassemblies, production equipment of PV modules and subassemblies, PV power generating systems for rural area, installation & fittings of PV equipment, grid integrated PV system, PV power transmission and distribution equipment, PV power supply/batteries, battery chargers, controllers, inverters, water pumps, solar energy power generating units, solar energy commutating devices, fuel battery cells, silicon solar cells, thin film solar cells, polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon,  battery board cutters, check-out facilities, etc.;

◆Solar Energy Photoelectricity Products: solar energy street lights, lawn lamps, garden lamps, pharos, disinfestations lamps for agricultural use, signal lights, traffic lights, etc.

◆Solar thermal power generation systems:  trough solar  power generation, solar power tower  generation, disc type solar heat power and solar chimney power generation systems; etc.

◆Solar Energy Thermal Products: solar energy outer walls and roof modules, survey and control systems, solar energy system control software, etc. 

◆Solar Energy Engineering: PV power generation engineering, solar energy heating system engineering, renewable energy products and applications, solar energy engineering design plans, etc.

Exhibition Fees:

Standard Booth Space: (3m×3m)   Raw Space 🙁 no less than 36m2) 

Exhibition Zone for Domestic Participants: RMB8800 Yuan per Booth/Session;

RMB900 Yuan per Square Meter/Session

Exhibition Zone for International Participants: RMB11800 Yuan per Booth/Session;

RMB1000 Yuan per Square Meter/Session

Exhibition Zone for Joint Venture Participants: RMB13000 Yuan per Booth/Session;

RMB1300 Yuan per Square Meter/Session

Exhibition Zone for Foreign Funded Enterprise Participants:

US$3600 Dollars per Booth/Session; US$360 Yuan per Square Meter/Session

◆Standard Booth Fees: include costs of exhibition booth, 2.5m side walls, company sign, carpeting of 9 square meters, two chairs, 200v electric socket and two daylight lamps. If any participant wants to choose a booth or a double-opening booth, it shall pay additional fees equal to 20% standard booth fees and service charges of RMB500 Yuan per delegate. (The service charges consist of reference costs for meeting, lunch, souvenir, etc.)

◆Raw Space Fees: show area, security, cleaning services (excluding management fees for special installments)

Application Procedures:Each applicant for participating in the exhibition shall fill and seal the Application Form for Participants, and then, post or fax it to the organization committee of the exhibition. And, the applicant shall, within a week since the submittal of the application form, pay 50% or full amount of the exhibition fees to the committee by telegram or personally. The principles for exhibition booth assignment can be defined that any participant who applies for participation and pays the exhibition fees first shall have its exhibition booth arranged first. If any applicant fails or delays to pay the exhibition fees fully by the end of Aug 1, 2011, the organization committee shall consider that the applicant has given up the attending qualification.

The organization committee shall, upon the receipt of the applicant’s Application Form for Exhibition and expenses for booth, post a Participants’ Guidebook and corresponding invoices to the applicant.  As for transportation of delegates’ luggage, etc., see the Participants’ Guidebook.

Propaganda Strategy :

The exhibition is a bridge to promote the development of the global solar energy and PV industries. In order to host an exhibition with the strongest influence and the greatest value and to ensure each participant’s rights and interests, the 6th China International Solar-Energy & PV-Project (Beijing) Exhibition in 2011 will organize an interactive league with relative newspapers, magazines and websites, and at the same time, it will also organize professional audiences and guarantee the success of the exhibition.

◆Organization: We will make a wide invitation, which included: related state ministries and commissions as well as various provincial governments, Chamber of Commerce of foreign countries in China, and associations in Solar-Energy & Photovoltaic, Some decision-makers of Chamber of Commerce, Big and Middle and Small Sized Enterprises, Imports and Exports trading company, Dealer, Environmental Protection etc. They will be visit and negotiate on site. 

◆Mail: During the exhibition, 60,000 letters of invitation and 300,000 visit tickets are mailed directly by the organizing committee to the domestic and foreign clients. Purchasing department and Audience-organized department will be established, being responsible for invitation of the audiences from home and abroad who have professional background.

◆Important Invitation: we will attach important to invite people in some fields, such as , insiders in solar energy industry and solar energy photovoltaic management ,Real Estate Corporations, Real Estate developers, government purchasing centers(include governmental organs, factories, schools at all levels and hotels),foreign trader, Street-Lamp Management Department and Department of municipal engineering, Designing Institute of Construction engineering, domestic lights & construction material plazas, construction site enterprises for imports and exports trading, dealers from home and abroad.


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