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Intersolar China

published: 2011-05-31 16:00


Intersolar China


ChinaNational Convention Center (China, Beijing)


December 7-9, 2011

Organized By

Solar Promotion International GmbH, Freiburg Management and Marketing International GmbH, MMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Intersolar China is part of Intersolar's world-renowned solar event series. The event is organized by Solar Promotion International GmbH, Freiburg Management and Marketing International GmbH and MMI Shanghai.

The annual Intersolar China, taking place in 2011 from December 7-9 at the China National Convention Center (CNCC) in Beijing, is the new flagship event for solar professionals looking to do business in the lucrative Chinese solar market. It has been designed from the ground up to offer new business contacts and networking opportunities for the international solar industry. During its three days, the event expects more than 250 exhibitors and 7,500 visitors with an exhibition space spanning nearly 16,500 square meters.

Intersolar China brings together all solar energy technologies and the entire supply chain, including: equipment and materials suppliers; cell and module manufacturers; balance of systems (BOS) suppliers (inverters, tracking and mounting systems, integrators); distributors and project developers; academia and research and government.


PV Cells and Modules

­            Cells

­            Modules

­            Thin Film

PV Balance of Systems (BOS)

­            Inverters

­            Measurement and Control Technology

­            Chargers and Batteries

PV Components, Tracking and Mounting Systems

­            Cables, Connectors and Junction Boxes

­            Tracking Systems

­            Mounting Systems

­            Installation Aids

PV Applications

­            Building Integrated Solutions (BIPV)

­            Stand Alone Systems

­            Consumer Products (Solar-Powered Lights and Toys)

­            Power Plants (Commercials & Utility Scale)

PV Wafers, Materials and Equipment

­            Equipment: Ingots and Wafers

­            Equipment: Feedstock-Polysilicon, UMG, etc.

­            Equipment: Cells

­            Equipment: Modules

­            Equipment: Thin Film

­            Equipment: Integration and Automation

­            Equipment: Inspection and Metrology

­            Materials: Ingots and Wafers

­            Materials: Feedstock-Polysilicon, UMG, etc

­            Materials: Consumables (Paste, Wires, etc.)

­            Materials: Gasses and Liquid Chemicals

­            Materials: Solar Glass and Encapsulation

Solar Thermal Technology

­            Absorbers and Coatings

­            Collectors

­            Fittings, Expansion Tanks, De-aerators, etc.

­            Heat Transfer Fluid

­            Measurement and Control Technology

­            Mounting Systems

­            Pool Absorbers

­            Storage Tanks

­            Tracking Systems

Solar Thermal

­            Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment

­            Automation

­            Materials

­            Production Machinery

­            Solar Glass

Solar Thermal Applications

­            Air Conditioning and Cooling

­            Building Integrated Solutions (Facades, etc.)

­            Power Plants (CSP)

­            Solar Process Heat


­            Research and Development

­            Testing Institutes

­            Trade Publications/Publishers

­            Education and Training

­            Financing and Promotion

­            Organizations and Associations

­            Software





MMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Mr. Morris Dong

Senior Project Manager

Tel: +86-21-20205503

Fax: +86-21-20205688



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