2012 China (International) PV Power Plant Application Technology Innovation Summit(PV Application 2012)

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2012 China InternationalPV Power Plant Application Technology Innovation SummitPV Application 2012


Sunrise on the Bund Hotel Shanghai


2012-Sep-18 - 19

Organized by:

State Grid Energy Institute

National Energy Center

Institute of Electrical Engineering

Chinese Academy of Sciences

New Energy Department of China Electric Power Research Institute


PV Application 2012, organized by State Grid Energy Institute,National Energy Center, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, New Energy Department of China Electric Power Research Institute, supported by eight domestic power generation groups and PV constructors, will take place from 18th to19th of September 2012 in Shanghai, China.

Main topics:

1  The analytical statementof China’s PV market, policy, technology and invest

  • During the next National Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, How to establish and carry out the renewable portfolio standard
  • The challenges and opportunities of the PV power plants in China )
  • What are the key factors for developing PV projects by a successful PV project developer
  • The research and application of key technologies of grid-friendly PV power plant
  • Panel Discussion: the challengers and opportunities of the poor and remote areas in China of PV projects


2The PV power plants’ design, installation, operation management and BOS system solution

  • In the next five years, the market size and challenges of global BOS systems
  • The monitor, integration and acceptance
    criteria for PV power plants
  • The Problems faced by on- grid PV systems in practical applications: How to integrate with smart grid?
  • The maintenance and operation management for MW PV power plants
  • The applications and prospects for BIPV and on-grid PV projects in China
  • The design and requirements of rooftop PV power plant
  • The problems faced by the design, installation and construction of PV mounting systems in the practical applications

3The forecasting markets of PV inverters, and its on-grid solution and technology prospects

  • Forecasting statistics from global PV inverter survey 2012-2015
  • The latest in inverter technology
  • The challenges and solutions of grid-connection inverter
  • Beyond efficiency – from 99 percent toward intelligent energy management
  • Inverter CEO Panel: Look forward to the next generation of PV Inverter technology

4The detailed description of texting PV inviters’ and PV power  generatoion low voltage ride through

  • How the new inverter design to make sure the power quality stable
  • How microinverters can compete on cost per watt
  • The brief of a low voltage ride
    through of PV power generation
  • The best practice of inverter testing-case study)
  • The latest in testing microinverters, string inverters and central inverters
  • Testing MPPT performance under dynamic and non-ideal conditions – the latest developments
  • The latest testing technology and standards of PV inverters


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