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Brazil Power & Energy Summit 2016

published: 2016-01-11 11:36

Brazil Power & Energy Summit 2016 is a great platform gathering Power Utilities, Energy Developers, Investors, EPC Contractors, Equipment Suppliers and Technology Providers to discuss hottest issues and challenges facing power development in Brazil, which will be held in Sao Paulo Brazil, dated on 17-19 May, 2016.
Brazil is a country of many cultures, ethnicities, and climates. With a population of over 204 million inhabitants, the country flourishes with its natural resources and its growing economy. Brazil is known to be one of the BRICS countries due to its fast growth in the last decade and is also known for being the largest economy in Latin America.

Brazil has one of the cleanest energy matrices in the world, 41% of its overall energy production originates from renewable sources. In the last six years, Brazil has shifted its focus towards diversifying its matrix, seeking other renewable resources such as wind power, small hydro, and biomass.

Wind energy is the fastest growing source of power generation in Brazil. Over the next few years, wind energy will contribute to the generation of more than 19,000 jobs, R $ 6 billion in Investments, 2.7 million homes supplied and 1.3 million tons of CO2 avoided. In 2015, 113 new wind farms are under construction with a total capacity of 2.7 GW.

Solar energy has been arousing interest as a technology considered clean and having reduced environmental impact, and there are many indications that the solar energy market is developing at a positive and stable pace.

Almost 80% of the energy generated by Brazil and consumed domestically originates from hydro plants, the Brazilian hydro power potential is the third biggest in the world.

Brazil’s T & D sector is also booming, Federal energy planning agency EPE has forecast investment of 31bn reais (US$8bn) over the period, of which 25bn reais is due to be spent on power lines and 6bn reais on substations. Some 457 projects - comprising 20,018km of transmission lines and 60 substations - will be built to accompany expected growth of 5GW/year in generation capacity.

More information please visit www.brazilpes.com or contact Eddie P. Lee via eddie@leader-xtet.com

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