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SNEC2018 to be held on May in Shanghai

published: 2018-04-24 12:31

SNEC 12th (2018) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference will be held on May 28-30, 2018 at Shanghai New International Expo Center and the neighboring Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai.

Under the theme of “PV Shinning on the ‘Belt and Road’” & “Smart Popularization and Application of PV and New Energy”, the exhibition and coference cover the whole value chain of PV power generation and smart new energy. It is expected to break a lot of records, including exhibition scale, exhibit quality, conference level and expert number, which manifests a new era that PV power is on the way to human’s mainstream energy.

The PV industry of China began to develop in 1990s. It has experienced the toughness for over 20 years, but still been forging ahead. The industry got a turning point eventually when the Paris Agreement was passed at the Global Climate Conference in 2015 and Chinese President Xi Jinping made an announcement there stating that Chinese People are going to have the Green Long March. After that, China achieved the first place in many fields such as raw material developing, manufacturing of PV cells and modules, supply of all kinds of components, overall amount of PV installation and application, etc. This has entitled China to become a genuine large country in the area of PV application. Also because of this, China has contributed a lot in opening a new era that PV power acts as human’s mainstream energy and that new energy is developing is in the way of innovative, harmonious, green, open and sharing.

Especially in these years, many Chinese PV companies expand their business in the countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, which was initiated by President Xi Jinping. They obtained precious business opportunities and made rapid progress, meanwhile, promoted the application of PV green energy in these areas. China not only enlarged the PV industry scale, but also got remarkable and rapid development in Intellectualization field of the smart energy technologies, such as internet + PV power plant, internet + new energy storage, internet + multiple energy complementations, internet + multiple production symbiosis, internet + long-distance energy exchange, internet + peak shifting and averting, internet + financial business, etc. These new technologies and patterns contribute a lot to the connection and integration of PV new energy & traditional electricity grid, which help expand vast new field for the further promotion of PV in future.

SNEC PV POWER EXPO 2018 is organized in this trend, by gathering the power of global PV elites. The preparatory work began early from last April when the 11th SNEC had not closed. With the support of Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Energy Administration, Shanghai Government, the photovoltaic organizations from all over the world, SNEC2018 will make new records in a lot of aspects including exhibition scale, exhibit number, technology innovation degree, expert number, and the quality of papers. All will far exceed previous records, even the highest ones set in the 6th SNEC in 2012.

As of press time, over 1,800 companies have applied to exhibit at this show, including almost all the famous PV power firms of the world. The exhibition space will reach 200,000 square meters. Exhibitors taking a booth of the space of over 800 sqm include GCL,Talesun,TBEA,Huawei,Sungrow, etc. The largest booths(GCL,Talesun) are even close to 1,000 sqm.

During SNEC2018, all the 17 halls of Shanghai New International Expo Center(SNIEC) will be full of marvelous PV products. Besides, some companises will construct temporary booths at the inner square of the expo center. To help the professional buyers and visitors find their interested exhibits more easily, the 17 exhibition halls are divided into a number of theme halls, including "Mobile Energy, Energy Storage, Internet + Smart Energy", "Solar Cells and Power Generation", "Silicon Materials and Related Technology", "PV Module Materials and Accessories", "Distributed PV System Solutions", and "PV System Solutions", "Solar Tracker Mounting,the Related Materials and Products", "Manufacturing Equipment,Production Technologies". Among them, the theme hall of "Mobile Energy, Energy Storage,Internet+Smart Energy" is expected to become a highlighted show area of the world's most advanced technologyies and products on smart energy, which will certainly attract numerous visitors.  

More than 1,000 photovoltaic experts, about one-third coming from five continents, are invited to participate in SNEC PV POWER CONFERENCE 2018. It’s really a great achievement of the scientific and theoretical research for the global photovoltaic industry. Among them, there are senior politicians who have directly participated in the formulation and promotion of PV supporting policies, such as Mr. Dinghuan Shi, Former Councillor of State Council, President of Chinese Renewable Energy Society (CRES)and Chairman of Int'l Green Energy (Shanghai) Innovation Center; and authoritative scientists from the global photovoltaic industry, such as Prof Martin GREEN, Director of Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics, University of New South Wales (UNSW); Prof Andrew BLAKERS from Australian National University (ANU); Prof David RENN, President of International Solar Energy Society (ISES); Dr. Michael WOODHOUSE from The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL); Prof Eicke WEBER from University of California Berkeley (USA) and Berkeley Education Alliance for Research in Singapore (BEARS); Prof Armin ABERLE, CEO of Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore; Dr. Ralf PREU from Fraunhofer ISE and Dr. Matthieu DESPEISSE from CSEM SA.

Of particular concern is, a large number of young and middle-aged scientists and technologists, who have risen in the research of photovoltaic advanced technologies in recent years, will attend SNEC2018 conference. They have not only the solid theoretical foundation of photovoltaic established in institutions of higher learning at home and abroad, but also the rich practical experience gained in various photovoltaic companies and research institutes. Their areas of expertise cover all the aspects of photovoltaic technology, including materials, production, components, accessories, system applications, grid access and operation, formulation and implementation of standards and quality control etc., and many of them have accomplished great achievements in the innovation research of their respective fields.

All the well-prepared speeches by these scientists, entrepreneurs and scholars will be shared at the conference, including Global Solar Associations Meeting, Solar Leaders Dialogue, Scientific Conference, Global Mobile Energy Conference, Global Green Energy and PV Financial Summit, Industry Workshop on Photovoltaic technology, Seminar on "Internet Plus" Smart Energy Technologies and Application,The Application of Graphene in PV Industry Summit etc.. The topics contain from the latest policies on photovoltaic power generation at home and aboard, to the achievements and development trends of the most advanced optoelectronic technologies. We have everything you need. We provide Chinese-English simultaneous translation at all sessions for better communication of the participants.

To maximize the effects of the exhibition and conference, the Organizing Committee will take multiple measures to achieve timely and fast broadcasting. The first measure is maintaining the selection activity of “Top 10 Hightlights”, through which the “best of the best” exhibits elected by the expert team will be introduced to the industry and public. The second one is inviting hundreds of domestic and overseas professional media (paper, electronic, network) to make continuous interviews on the exhibition and report all kinds of news and expert views timely. The third one is to set up a Media Center at the exhibition hall where exhibitors can send out their brochures and release news. The fourth one is attracting visitors to different halls through the advertisements and broadcasting all over the expo center. The fifth one is taking advantage of the network media and collaborative websites to publish the lastest news of the exhibition and conference repeatedly and edit collections in time after the event, as the source and reference for the global PV colleagues.

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