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2Q13 PV Companies Revenue Ranking

published: 2013-09-18 16:44


PV Shifts its Focus to China and Battle over Domestic Demand About to Begin in 2014

Judging from the net sales in the 2Q13, Jinko and Trina have continued to raise shipments to China, which have also increased quarterly net sales by more than 50%. Jinko has even become the first first-tier Chinese manufacturer that successfully turned around losses. Having the largest amount of shipments, Yingli has reduced the ratio of shipments to Europe and transferred the shipments to Asia and USA while net sales remain the top among Chinese manufacturers. As for Canadian Solar and ReneSola, although drop in net sales from the European market has not been as large as that for the previous manufacturers mentioned, they have transferred most of the shipments to Americas to support sales performance in the second quarter. Even though JA Solar’s shipments to Asia (such as Japan) remain high, the company’s performance wasn’t outstanding since they put more emphasis on cell shipment rather than module shipment like the rest of the manufacturers.

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