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Comparable of the Cell Application

published: 2013-12-20 13:53


New Era Approaches as Gross Margin and Quantity of Lithium Battery Decrease

Currently, battery cells are segmented by capacity, which can be divided into three types – high, medium, and low capacity. Although >3.0Ah high capacity cells can be used on cylindrical batteries, the cost threshold of cylindrical batteries is too high and they would be difficult to meet the lightweight requirements of high-end products. Thus, polymer batteries are more suitable for high-end products. As for 2.8~3.0Ah medium-high capacity cells, their production technology is quite similar to that of 2.2Ah. Also, the unit price is not that different from 2.2Ah, and their volumes can be reduced efficiently. Therefore, 2.8~3.0Ah is the best choice for middle-end products to maintain cost and reduce volume. Last but not least, standard batteries are more suitable for low-end products which are more sensitive to cost. Due to standard battery’s larger market share, it’s more likely to go into mass production. But in terms of cost advantage, cylindrical battery seems to be the best choice in the short run. 


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